Month: March 2016

CANADA PR – Who has the Edge! Hmmm Let’s say the guy with the Permanent residency.

So people keep asking about why apply a Permanent Residency rather than find a job and then apply permanent residency? Well it's simple, you don’t take a bus [...]

We were on a Break!

The craze for US has always been high for everyone; especially Indians. That's why H1B is always a favorite category for Indians and Indian firms. US also has [...]

Did you know “What is a Passport Book Number”?

Passport Book Number is normally called the inventory control number. Now please do not bang your head if you do not find one on your passport because it's [...]

US H1B Visa V/S Canada Immigration

There is always a lot of chaos about USA H1b visa and about 6-7 lakhs applications on an average are been filed on a yearly basis of which approximately 65000 [...]

Friends – are they really there for you?

Humans are one of the species which have the capability to stay alone but still we tend to feel nice when we have someone with us. The habitat of other [...]

I want to work abroad, why PR?

The idea of a temporary work permit could sound very appealing. Often there is fewer paper works needed and processing times are quicker when compared to [...]


Hey, if you have started reading this post you must be either a Batman or a Superman fan. By the way this post is not any review on how the movie is. Just to [...]

Visa Waale Bhagwaan

Writing about a religion or God is something which is not at all my forte; neither I'm a rigid follower nor I like putting things under religion but this one [...]

The Long Distance Or Just Distance for Long?

The other day I came across an IT professional who was leaving her current job just because her company expected her to take an overseas opportunity in US. [...]


Venturing across the globe to some far-off exotic locale thousands of miles away to study abroad might seem an impossible feat. It is a decision that will [...]

Lets Immigrate and Speed-in our Financial needs

Being an IT professional , engineering Candidate , Managerial professional India would help in leading an appropriate/ standard financial  life with [...]

Kal Aaj Aur Kal

"Hamaare zamaane mein" or "yeh tab ki baat hai", such references are always given by elders of families to their kids. Parents always share instances and [...]

Canada Vs USA

Canada is now emerging as one of the most favored destination for immigrants who are looking west words for permanent relocation seeking greener pastures. [...]


Which is the best place to live in, or relocate to, or go for a study? If you have these questions racing through your mind continue to read [...]

The JABRA FAN Club Visa

Well it's Indo Pak match night and the enthusiasm for a typical Indian-Pakistan one day is like always on the top. A typical Indo Pak match will have me [...]

Why do so many Indian students study in Australia?

Over the years, Australia has become a popular destination among Indian students. It’s world-class universities offer globally recognized high quality [...]

Why Immigration??

My passion for Immigration continues with every growing day. Not that I have made it my Career but because it has helped me in understanding people better. [...]

Immigration – My Thought Process!!

My fascination for "Freedom of Speech and Expression" is a known fact and the recent happenings in the Country left me thinking on the need for Freedom of [...]

To be or not to be a Canadian

'Love thy country'. This phrase has different references and meaning for different people. For some fighting in armed forces is love for country, for some it [...]

How Much more happy will you be Denmark?

According to the fourth world happiness report, Denmark tops the world happiness report, Again. It has just reclaimed its place leaving Burundi as the least [...]

Nova Scotia has Provincial Nomination Immigration Cap Increased

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has been granted an additional 300 spaces for its Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), bringing the total annual [...]

Express Entry Intake – “Right Time to Apply”

Hi All, For those aspiring candidates who seek an opportunity in Canada and who are eager to surpass the current express entry program under the 300-380 [...]

The Famous Hotel, in Bengaluru!

I love this name so much that I hate t forget it at any cost. FAMOUS HOTEL, Bengaluru. I would have used this a million times in a minute of my conversation [...]