Month: April 2016

Amrika ki manohar kahaniyan

The US of A - this country has excellence in everything; rather it is so famous (I don't know whether it is on actual numbers or just perception) that US [...]

Dear Visa Officer, Do you know who I am ? Please tell me.

It’s a Million Dollar question on how does the Visa Officer in American Embassy/Consulate know whether I have any relatives in USA or not? People either get [...]


Adjustment of Status for Immediate Relatives on B1/B2 Visitor Visas I came іntо thе country оn a B1/B2 vіѕіtоr vіѕа, is it possible tо have my [...]

11 Facts To Know About H-1B Visas

Introduction to H-1B visa US H-1B visa is a non immigrant temporary work visa that allows overseas citizens to visit the US and performed services in [...]

Reasons why Express Entry application getting bounced for incompleteness

From 1st January last year, the potential immigrants should apply through Canada Express Entry. It is a management system of application intakes in which the [...]

The story of “Ram aur Shyam” but not “Seetha aur Geetha” !

The idea of this blog came from a question in Quora “do I really need a consultant” now my answer might not qualify as an answer to it but surely for a [...]

Let it get into your blood!

I believe stress is something which you get if you have to do something just for the heck of it or just because you have to do it. But if you have passion for [...]

World’s Overlooked Nations To Purchase Second Citizenship And Residency

Are you exhausted with your home nation and want to reimburse lesser taxes, get pleasure from freedom to travel and endeavor for better quality life? Well, if [...]

If I were to choose between Canada or USA, I would choose Canada!!

Well, migrating to a country like Canada or USA, has always been my dream too and it is still!! Every success story I witness, my aspiration of moving to [...]

What non US resident require to consider when setting up a firm in the US

Many citizens from abroad are not aware of the fact that they can set up a business in the US. Most of them usually think that for setting up a firm here, they [...]

The US Diversity Immigrant Visa

The United States annually through the green card lottery program grants 50,000 green cards approximately every year from the countries where the immigration [...]

Large Numbers of Foreign Students are Studying in the US Universities

US allows overseas foreign graduates at its universities, mainly those in pursuing education in the STEM (STEM subjects means–science, engineering , [...]

Converting H1B visa to Green Card

All the potential immigrants with H1B visas in the United States can work in the United States for six years continuously. The H1B visa is a dual intent visa; [...]

UK immigration path for non EU individuals through its Sole Representative Visa

This UK immigration path also permits foreign news agencies, news papers and broadcasting firms for posting an employee on assignment on long term basis to the [...]

How my Red lipstick got me a Visa !!

So now you must be wondering how this is possible and what kind of joke this is. Yes, you read the heading right and if you want to know how, just read [...]

Citizenship for Luxembourg

On getting granted as a Luxembourg national gives residents to have the same civilian and governmental privileges as a Luxembourger by birth. That’s not it, [...]

Have you not made it in the H1-B Quota and wondering what next?

Being associated with a Company that provides immigration services, relatives or clients have a tendency to keep asking – “Do you process for US?” and my [...]

How to demonstrate ties to home nation during visa interview?

There are various steps involved to apply for US visas, Initially, an online application should be filed. Then, the applicant should schedule the visa [...]

Seven ways to get Green Card for International Students

One of the salient reasons why International students leave their country for a foreign country to study is to attain their dreams and aspiration. However, [...]

The ‘I know it all’ attitude

Internet is supposed to ease our connectivity to the world, give us option to have ready information for reference and make everything on cloud rather than [...]

We are “Different” but don’t need Different treatment.

This topic has been on my mind from a long time, as you start reading the next few lines you may think the topic is too bold to be discussed. But the point is, [...]

To be in Rome, behave like a Roman

Yeah I twisted the saying a bit (for the obvious reason of presenting kuch hatt ke) but the gist remains the same that we change ourselves as per the [...]

Sachin knows he has to Play, Lata knows she has to Sing

People often have all the abilities that takes somebody to achieve success but still they don't succeed just because they don't know how to utilise that [...]

I got off the plane

Ha ha looks like India has decided to patch up with US on the whole H1B visa issue, which was making much hue & cry since some time now. No matter how much [...]

Why Should you Apply for Your Immigration Visa Immediately?

Often I get this question from clients, as to why they should apply for their immigration visa application immediately and not wait for some more time until [...]

What Inspires Me To Be An Immigration Consultant Is a Success Story of a Dream Come True!!

The Immigration Industry was completely new to me when I entered into this vertical in 2009, the words like PR, TIER 1, Greencard, H1b, F1 initially were like [...]


With the penetration of Internet and its usage over a past few decades, everything has become “Just One Click Away”. Internet no doubt has made our jobs [...]

Undo, Redo until you find Inner Peace

They say you should always do what you consider as your passion or hobby or liking. The reason this is suggested is to ensure you enjoy what you do because [...]