Month: June 2016

And it’s over! The world’s costliest separation is now official

In a voting of its own kind ever done before, UK voted today to leave European Union. This has shocked the entire world, except obviously Donald Trump who is [...]

Pursuit of Happiness – the American Dream

Pursuit of Happiness - the American Dream
Sam, an M. Tech from IIT, started his career as a software engineer in 1997. He worked in a Chennai-based company where he slogged out each day and performed [...]

Fan watching Fan in the City of FAN!!

Fan Watching Fan In The City Of Fan!!
I have been a die-hard Fan of THE SRK since childhood and watching his movies was the best time for me, no matter what kind of a movie it is, all that would [...]

Shoot You, Frame You, Hang You

In the sales teams which are primarily new, consultants are always advised to look up to their seniors or managers when they take a walk - ins as well as [...]

We didn’t get it, but still got it!

We didn’t get it, but still got it!
The profession we are into, language proficiency is needed but more than that communication and common sense is required. I take around 4-5 interviews on daily [...]

‘Proud Father’

Proud Father
I and my college senior, Vamsi boarded an RTC bus in Secunderabad which was going to Koti. The heavy traffic and rush in Hyderabad are as usual. Vamsi is my [...]

Karan – Arjun aayenge, par jaayenge kahan?

I have this habit of giving silly names & one-liners for everything; which is pretty obvious to people who know me or maybe have read some of my blogs. One [...]

‘The Storyteller’

I still remember the lectures in my school days. We were not attentive throughout the day in all classes except one. We used to wait eagerly for the [...]

Can ‘Brexit’ Fix the Real Issues?

Can ‘Brexit’ fix the real issues
It seems international communities are anxious to know about the upcoming ‘Brexit’ the referendum to be held on June 23. Everyone is waiting for the [...]

Why Indian Immigrants are Resourceful?

Why Indian Immigrants are resourceful?
The Idea is to kill the Idea, which calls skilled migrants as money minded people. Indians are excellent in creating stereotypes; the time has healed and [...]

Ek Consultant – “Bechari Bholi Bhali”

One of the consultants who missed on her incentives due to the consecutive month’s targets was a part of a review meeting. She was asked about her [...]

The Time Taken Worth Inception

If you have seen the movie Inception, you will understand the title of this blog. For those who haven't, in the movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays a professional [...]

The Great Wall of Donald Trump

Donald Trump who is contesting the US Presidential elections has waved path to a new trend of politics, where he is targeting the immigrants and any kind of [...]

Looks Like The Danes Had Enough

Looks Like The Danes Had Enough
The world's happiest country made us sad by scrapping its evergreen Danish Greencard Scheme. As per latest update, fresh applications will be accepted only [...]

History Is Not Sleeping

History is not Sleeping
In Ancient, Medieval and Modern India, movement of people to distant lands is a common phenomenon. The only difference is that it has taken different forms, [...]

My eligibility for “Right to Choice”

It’s tough time for the youngsters living in India, lot of things influence them, “bachha kya kar raha hey” the most common dialogue asked by the [...]