Month: July 2016

Dil daa maamla hai

Our brains are supposed to be the prime factor for all our actions. If a person scores good or debates well or writes/sings/dances well, the common attributes [...]

Benefits of studying PhD in different countries!

Benefits of studying PhD in different countries!
There are several countries to do Ph.D. Though there are many countries that offer Ph.D., only a few offer favorable study conditions. Provisions vary from [...]

Politics at work

Politics at work
This topic must be the most interesting and I am sure each one of you will have your own stories which you would have seen or may be faced at work. So I am [...]

Problems of H1B visa holders in USA!

Problems of H1B visa holders in USA!
Just like two sides of a coin; the H1B visa also has its own problems. The H1B holders face several issues/problems which US citizens do not face! Serious [...]

DON’T MISS! – Top Five Countries to Study MBA

DON'T MISS - Top Five Countries to Study MBA
Students, around the world, look for many courses to study. Do you know the course that is most sought after? MBA! The search of the best B-schools can take a [...]

Trump vs Clinton: Their Views on Immigration Reforms

Trump vs. Clinton -Their Views on Immigration Reforms
The Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on two different poles with their ideas on immigration reforms. Both candidates support the [...]

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen
Most people often  get confused with “permanent resident” and “U.S. citizen”. Of course, both have the right to live in the United States legally [...]

When A Fashion Designer Becomes a Content Writer!

You might think, “Arrey! It is that same old story! New girl, trying to fit in and going crazy with the work. Aur last mein, she will run away!” Yes [...]

Comparing Countries; Canada Vs Australia

Canada & Australia
Both countries are equally popular and both countries are a major hub for Indian students. Still, there are some differences when it comes to choosing a better [...]

Which is the Best Destination For Immigrants – Australia or Canada?

Australia or Canada - Which is the better place to live
It is tough to say which country is best to live, whether Australia or Canada. Both the countries have great infrastructure and rich resources. Personally, I [...]

Persistence is the Key Mantra to Success! Same applies for your visa application too.

Persistence is a Mantra for Success! A book on the table just took my glance titled “Margadarsi”, I was like it’s a heavy word and was thinking what it [...]

It’s like asking; what if there are no jobs in the job fair that I will be attending!

It’s been almost 8 years into the immigration and counseling vertical, from then until now, following questions remain unchanged, “Will I get a job in [...]

Indian Cinema and Videsh

Indian Cinema and Videsh
The relationship between a foreign country and Indian Cinema has been inseparable. Well, I can rather say it is a ‘Janam janam ka saath!’ Pick movies from [...]

How to spend 15 quality hours at LHR?

Are you stuck at London Heathrow Airport for 15 hours? Are you wondering how to spend these grand hours? Don’t worry! No matter which terminal you are at, [...]

The Best Country To Migrate And Start A New Life

Iceland tourism
Iceland has all the goodness to attract the foreign nationals; an average Indian would love to settle in Iceland as the Indian Rupee 0.54 = 1 Icelandic Krona. [...]

Analysis of 2015-16 Occupation List of Australia

ANZSCO – Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations makes a list of occupations that require skilled immigrants. Invitations for [...]

हम बढ़े या कहीं रह गये?

ऐसा कहा जाता है कि इंसान चाहे कितना भी उँचा उठ जाए, आगे बढ़ [...]

Brexit Effect on Education Can Be Scary

Brexit Effect on Education Can Be Scary
Brexit decision spread like wildfire affecting all domains including education. While the most common topic of discussion was immigration policies, we decided [...]

How Strange Can Question Be? Challenge Accepted

Sometimes interview questions can be weird. Visa interviews can be even weirder. Here are some of the strangest questions asked in a visa interview or found in [...]

Imagine – A World without Boundaries

Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Living life in peace John [...]

Just for Laughs

If Hugh Grant applied for an Australian Visa, what will his visa approval letter say? Well nothing special, it’ll still be called a Grant [...]