Amrika ki manohar kahaniyan

Amrika ki manohar kahaniyanThe US of A – this country has excellence in everything; rather it is so famous (I don’t know whether it is on actual numbers or just perception) that US should be equivalent to excellence rather excellence & America should be synonyms. Talk about anything – jobs, lifestyle, economy, defense; where you can say that the country is not at dominance? Yeah may be people claim that America has no culture of its own, but okay that is not stopping it from moving ahead in any case. Why it is like that? Because this country is a daring country. Saddam Husaain? Okay we’ll invade Iraq no big deal. Nuclear weapons, we don’t care whether they are good or not, we’ll be leaders in that rather we’ll even use them on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. American movies are also one of the most daring ones. You cannot even imagine something but they just come up with that.

I mean the country is so freak that you have movies on everything and they can imagine anything; literally anything. I mean who could imagine a machine transforming in a human form or cars talking or sexy vampires or aliens invading. And they are crazy for apocalypse. I mean it’s like they are just ready for the world to end. And for them action is action, love is love. It’s not like us that in the name of action just some ammunition is given and you call it action. Look at Gangs of Wasseypur or Don; they are called action genres but are they really? Violence is not action. For us our Manoj Bajpayee on a cart shooting in last scene of Gangs of Wasseypur becomes action. But had it been shot in Hollywood; the entire scene would have been different. Only dhishoom dhishoom in a closed room and some wear & tear here and there will not be action. When they make action, they literally destroy their buildings & resources. Why? Because they dare & have confidence to show that and everything next day comes back to normal. In Bollywood we can’t do that because today if we destroy a big building in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and show it proper the next day, Indians will be like, “huh BMC itna kaam kahan karti hai?”. But do we question in Hollywood that how is this possible? No right? Because whatever they show is true for us. The point is the country is so fascinating in all aspects may be that’s why people are mad about it. We believe whatever is told or shown and we don’t care about the logic; like we might care for other countries. These perceptions and especially the portrayal in movies has created an entirely different impact on Indians that’s why we are just in awe for the country. And may be to remove this fad or craziness, every fantasy should come true. Whatever if was showed in Hollywood was true, I think then only people might consider other countries too over US.

If whatever they showed was actually true, imagine the daily life of a typical American. Every American will wake up to a war on daily basis. Whether that is with machines or aliens or an orangutan or vampires; an average American will have a struggle daily. If I tell an immigration aspirant to go to US, he’ll be like, “nahi nahi madam, wahan toh suna hai Batman utpaat machaye hai”. And somebody might complain, “yeah, my friend is in US, he says the country is so dirty. There are cobwebs everywhere”. And immigrant consultant will be like, “yup, that’s Spiderman for you”. Or an engineer will state, “I’ve heard country is not having much resources now for iron & steel industry; looks like there is a slump. I am not interested in US. Tell me about Canada”. And I’ll be like, “yeah actually you know Iron Man needs more iron for his suits so the country is exhausted”. US will be considered as the most unsafe country. Somebody might complain, “you know I was walking on Times Square and suddenly some people in black suits, with shades just started fighting & shooting. Some transformed in some other person, it’s just crazy out there”. And a movie buff will say, “duh that’s Matrix”.

I really wish this really happens in US so people can have reasons to actually not love it. Look at the country. It allows people to carry guns, there are regular cases of random shootings, Donald Trump openly gives racist remarks, liberals are against immigration, US has been the biggest victim of recession but does this stop people from considering US? No, right. I mean with these serious problems too people are crazy to only go to US whereas one or two small instances in other countries make them totally unlikable for immigrants. Why? Because of the perception of a perfect or fantasy life which is depicted in everything especially movies. Freedom, openness, everything at your bay; that is what is shown in movies and people just are mad about the country due to this. People consider the reality as not true may be if fantasy became the truth; people might take US differently. Or will we still find reasons to like it?

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