And the award for the best character in the negative role goes to IELTS!

Every movie would have two common things a villain and a happy ending; well Bahubali is an exception though because the movie wanted to create hype among people or in a way a best sales strategy. Whose so ever brain it was which worked behind the concept, it was bravo!! Drag the story a little by breaking the ultimate climax into two parts and there you go!! I am sure at least 80% of the viewers of part 1 of Bahubali would watch part 2. Few may be for the curiosity of knowing what happens next or what they have heard is true or not, a few because they are Prabhas fans, a few because they are Rana’s fans, a few because they are Kattappa’s fan, and a few because they just want to watch some movie.

And the award for the best character in the negative role goes to IELTS!So coming back to the movie concept, we can so relate it to our life in various situations. Now most of us would not just have dreamt about having a prince charming or a princess, but might have also had a crush or maybe beyond that, but only a few could take their relationship forward and the rest do not. One of the most common reasons behind that is family differences which can be anything like caste, religion, status etc… Now all these can be considered as villains. So people who really are convicted on their goals would ensure to fight will all the odds and ensure they are reaching their goal of being together and the rest settle with what they have, without even giving it a try to fight with the scenario. Not that they aren’t satisfied with life, being happy and being satisfied is totally different. A question that if I could have tried…. Remains all your life. What if you have failed, big deal! at least you are happy and satisfied both because you know that you have given your 100% to it.

Well above was the best-fit example that I could take, but otherwise also if we talk about all the famous personalities like Einstein, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachan, etc… they have fought against all the odds, all the real villains and hence they are where they are right now. We all have to in a way fight with ourselves and decide what is best for us in order to bring out the best in us. No one can decide on what you are good or best at, not even your parents. That’s when it gets important to have more movies like Taare Zameen Par or 3 Idiots… because unless you follow what you are actually capable of, you will not know what suits you best.Ielts

Thanks to my parents that they have always allowed me to take my decisions independently. I still remember when I was enrolling for my Intermediate, it was quite clear that I would not be taking MPC or BiPC because I hated Math. So the options left were either CEC or MEC. I was emphasizing more on CEC because it would not have a problematic subject Math, which is like a book full of problems. But my parents were keen on me taking MEC and they wanted me to take up coaching if required for Math. I thought for a while, filled the form by selecting MEC as a course, but I was not sure if I wanted to do that. I went to the college along with my best friend to submit the application form and the fees. Thank God that my parents were not there with me, that I could just take a deep breath then and ask myself as to what I wanted to do. I felt that if I take MEC, Math would be the major subject and only I knew how I passed my 10th standard Math. I also knew that for a moment my parents would mind, but if I fail or scoreless with me, even they would feel bad. I did not even give a second thought and immediately changed the course to CEC. My parents, I guess knew about it only after my first term results. Because I wanted them to know about this after proving myself in the end results.

There was a little bit of drama, though, but eventually, they understood that at that point of time that was right for me. After that, I was never stopped from deciding on what I wanted to do life.

It’s not a big time achievement story, its more like if you want something or dream of something, then you have to believe in yourself and for a moment forget the World and take a step forward.

People dreaming about Immigration, find IELTs as their major villain. I really don’t understand as to how can someone be so reluctant about a basic English language test. I might be sounding a little absurd, but that’s how it is. People hype IELTs so much without even trying for it, that it looks like a big villain for your migration story be it a student visa or an immigration visa.

ieltsNow as I have mentioned in my post, a few who are really convicted about their goal would fight with a villain for now, which is IELTs and a few just give up and settle with what they have. Which is actually not required because, IELTs is not as difficult as your EAMCET or CAT or any other entrance aptitude exam, but a simple English language proficiency test. If you would have worried about EAMCET without giving it a try, you wouldn’t have been an engineer today.

I would not say IELTs is so easy that you just appear and you clear it, no because every exam would have a format which you would have to understand. IELTS is all about Preparation which would include following steps.

Understand the IELTs exam: This would be one of the basic and foremost criteria you have to apply, while you are preparing for your IELTS exam. Understand the concept of IELTs and the pattern of examination to target at a required score.

Preparation of IELTs exam: Once you have understood the concept of IELTs exam, your next step would be to prepare for the IELTs exam for getting a targeted score. There are various online mock tests which are available for each and every component of both generic and academic module of IELTs, know which one is required first and then prepare for the examination.

IELTs General is to be taken by applicants, applying for PR visas and IELTs Academic is to be taken by applicants, applying for student visas.

In either case, IELTs would have 4 components.preparation-of-ielts-exam




And Reading

Listening: You would be listening to an audio which is generally a discussion between two or more individuals, based on the discussion you would have certain questions on your screen and you need to answer them in the correct format. You would need practice in order to understand  the correct format in which answer needs to be given. There would be a time duration in which you would have to complete the test, hence ensuring you take certain mock tests before you appear for the exam would help you clear the test in first attempt itself.

Speaking: You would be speaking to an examiner who would be taking your speaking test. There are three parts in a speaking test which  would include a general introduction, followed by a general topic and your opinion on the same. There are certain instructions which you would have to follow, while you are speaking about a certain topic. In order to understand those instructions and know how on the test you can follow some videos on youtube and take few speaking mock test online.

Writing: You would be given certain topics to write about with the specification of a number of words required and the elements of the topics to be covered. You might have to work on your vocabulary a little in order to make your writing more prominent and apt. There would be a time period given to you to finish your topics and hence doing a little practice on most commonly referred topics would help you prepare to get the desired score in writing.

Reading: You would have to answer questions based on a passage given within a stipulated period of time. You would have to both read, understand and answer the questions asked correctly in the test. You can take an online practice on reading test in order to prepare for the desired score.

ielts-trophyAll the above components of IELTs is to check on the proficiency of your English language on the parameters mentioned below as you would be entering the country where English would be your medium of language for communication.

  • Listening proves your proficiency on if you can listen to what is said in English and understand it correctly.
  • Writing proves your proficiency on your writing ability in the English language on a generic scenario or requirement.
  • Speaking proves your proficiency on your speaking skills in the English language which is clear and understood by a listener.
  • Reading proves your proficiency on reading the content in English language and understanding it correctly.

So IELTs, as you see is not about that exam full of solving problems like Algebra, Trignomentry, Reasoning, etc… but it is basic level English language test, which requires a little preparation.

There might be a contradiction to what is said above by applicants who have already taken IELTS and scored less, my answer to them would be simple, you might not have prepared enough because, if you are a BTech or Bcom or any graduate holder, you have obtained your graduation certificate only after clearing your exams which were written in English Language only. So now that you have understood the pattern of the exam you may prepare for it as per the requirement and give  it again. There is no harm as it would only benefit you  by letting you into the country that you were dreaming for.

There are two options: one is to fight with the villain IELTS and make a happy ending or be happy with the rest. But in either scenario giving a try is always WORTH. To add on you have the famous support of Karlo Duniya mutthi mein.. a smartphone, you can download IELTs practice test on your mobile and can prepare for it anywhere, anytime. So why shy away from your migration dream just because of IELTs.