Can a Person have two Passports?

Here are couple of opinions

Yes, it’s possible in many different ways.

  1. If your parents each have a different nationality
  2. If you were born in a country that your parents aren’t citizens of
  3. If you immigrate to a country that allows dual citizenship with your particular passport
  4. If you have proof that your grandparents are citizens to a country, you can apply while keeping your current one

For example, I have a Japanese passport because my mom immigrated from China to Japan, and my dad is an American citizen, which gave me the ability to get an American passport at an embassy. Since I was born in China, and my mom’s background is Chinese, I’d be able to get a Chinese passport but my parents refused, because then I’d have to give up my other passports under China’s law, which does not recognize dual citizenship.

I hope this helped!

If you are a multi-national, then you can have a passport of (possibly) even more than 2 countries.

If you are considered a citizen or national of a country, you should have the ability to obtain a passport for that country.  I talk to people every day who have 2 passports (one from 2 different countries).


Its legally possible.
If both countries allow dual nationality.
India does not allow this (assuming that the asker is Indian due to name), though you can apply for an Overseas Indian Passport if you have Indian parents grandparents or a spouse of a person who holds an Overseas Indian Passport. Note that you must be a citizen of a country which allows dual nationality.


Yes. In Pridnestrovia (a country with near no recognition in between Moldova and Ukraine; supported by Russia), most folk have three passports: A Pridnestrovian passport that is near-useless (unless you plan to go to South Ossetia, Abkhazia or Artsakh), a Moldovan passport and a Russian passport.


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