Canada Better than USA or Is Canada really just the USA in disguise?

Robin Williams hit it right:

“You are nice. You are the nicest people in the world. Canada is like a nice apartment above a meth lab.”

There is a lot of similarity, but a different mind set.

  • Almost no one owns a hand gun.
  • To buy a rifle or shotgun you have to take a 2 day course.
  • To get a hunting license you take another 12 hour course.
  • We open doors for each other. (This one happens in the U.S. too, but not nearly as often IMHE)
  • In Canada when I have to exit a parking lot, usually within 3–4 cars, one will let me in. (Much of the U.S. seems to work on the basis of ‘aim at someone with a more expensive car, and step on it.’)
  • When I let someone else in, they wave thanks.
  • I don’t remember anyone burning a cross on someone’s front yard.
  • In Canada on non-main highways, if you see a car parked on the shoulder you stop. I had mechanical trouble once. Three people stopped before I could phone the Alberta Motor Association (our equivalent of AAA)
  • No one goes bankrupt paying for healthcare.
  • We can do anything official in two languages.
  • Our money is colour coded.
  • Edmonton celebrates it’s August Long Weekend with “Heritage Days” A celebration of the diversity of cultures. Hawreluk Park (Named after a Ukrainian mayor) has hundreds of pavilions of everything from Serbian Folk Dancing to Iranian Tapestry Weaving (yes they are muslim) to Inuit Throat Singing. Other cities have similar festivals.
  • We have 4 seasons every year. Sometimes in the same week.
  • Our politicians have a sense of shame. They will engage in rational dialogue with their constituents.
  • A lot of TV shows are shot in Vancouver. Notice the streets. Notice the litter that isn’t there.
  • I used to park in the City parks, and walk the last two miles to work. I left my keys in the car. I did that for 17 years. Right now my truck keys are in the truck, my car keys are in the car. Not everyone does this, but a lot do.

Sorry about that.

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