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Canada PR Vs H1B

Visas are generally issued with limitations & benefits. H1B – Work Permit visa for USA. It allows the visa holder to legally work in USA. No other benefits apart from it being a  family  visa where you dependents can accompany you in US. Also, to settle in US, one must complete at least 10-15 years of stay converting the same to Green Card (PR) & than finally become a citizen. PR Visa Australia/Canada – PR (Permanent Residency) is the highest visa category for any country & post which applicant can apply for Citizenship. PR visa gives the same benefits what a citizen in the country avails apart from Voting rights. PR gives the local status in the country. Australia & Canada are the only country which offers direct migration on a  PR visa & within 3 or 4 years respectively one can apply for citizenship. Benefits of  a PR Receives almost all social& economic benefits that citizens are entitled to, including free health care. Protection under country law and the country Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Family visa. They can live, work and study in any city, state, province or territory. Multiple Entries to eventually apply for citizenship. Also, Canadian citizens have easy access to USA. They can even work in USA as per NAFTA agreement.

Canadian Permanent Residence

H1B Visa

Free to work on any job; for anyone; anywhere in Canada (except Quebec) Can only work for the sponsoring employer; cannot change sponsoring employer
Free to stay in the country and find another job Must leave the US if laid-off or if company shuts down (out of status issues)
Individuals can easily start a business by registering with the Ministry of Consumer Relations Cannot start their own business
Upon landing in Canada, new immigrants receive a permanent residence visa that can be compared to having a US green card Many individuals and families face the risk of being sent back to their home country if their Green Card is not approved before the 6 year limit on H1Bs expires
Permanent residents can travel anywhere, anytime as long as the 6 month requirement is met Traveling outside of the USA can face renewal risks when returning
Spouses can legally work in Canada without the need of employment sponsorship Spouses needs a separate sponsor to be able to work in the USA
Permanent residents can apply for citizenship after three years of stay in Canada It takes years to get citizenship. First, a long wait for the green card, and then a longer wait for the citizenship

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