CANADA V/S AUSTRALIA: Which country do I migrate to?

Most people wanting to migrate usually consider Australia and Canada– two very popular countries! Both nations provide a high standard of living and a good quality of life. Both countries also implement an immigration system that is points-based.

To help you make an easy decision, we’ve listed some comparisons based on important parameters

Career opportunities:

career-opportunitiesThe dependency on natural resources as well as mining is high in both the nations. Hence both boast of their progress for immigrants by having the best paid jobs! However, some jobs fare better in one nation when compared to the other.  Like, career opportunities in Medical Nursing are better in Canada, in contrast with Australia.

In comparison to Australia, Canada is a much larger manufacturing base. Australia is much more famous for US-IT companies & their Head-Quarters.

In short, blue collar incomes are superior in Canada, but white-collar posts entail more payment in Australia.

Stadard of living:Stadard of living

Australia has a very high cost of living because of its taxes on housing. But accommodation in Canada is a lot more affordable currently. Usual living expenses in Australia are normally also higher than in Canada.

But in both countries – the main cost that residents have to bear are taxes!


diversityCanada and Australia comprise of vast diverse occupants, but with divergent ethnic factors. Canada predominantly has Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian, Jamaican and a significantly growing population of Middle Eastern folk.

On the contrary, Australia is a conglomeration of higher diversity, with Thai, Indonesian, and Lebanese folks added as dominant fraternities, and small communities of South or Central American people.

Ease of Visa Processes:

visa-processVisa application processes for Canada typically is easier, in spite of recent weightage given to fluency in French or English. While both the countries operate on an immigration system that is points-based and have a specific skills list, Canada does have a lot lesser visa sub-classes & less strict assessments for visa application.

Skilled migration in Australia, should have their work experience and qualifications assessed officially, prior to applying for migration. Whereas in Canada, qualifications alone are assessed. Though an early assessment process is a benefit for individuals in Canada, it is only advisory. The assessment in Australia is relevant in all territories & states while in Canada, acceptance of a qualification in one state does not mean that it would be accepted in another. Multiple acceptances are required if a migrant plans to move to different places. This is an added advantage in Australia.

Permanent Residency:

permanent-residentObtaining P.R for Canada or Australia is completely based on the candidate’s eligibility and other factors that impact the future prospects of the immigrants in the nation; for e.g. work experience, area of expertise, associations in the country and proper references.

Both the countries’ government websites are extremely helpful resources, if you’re looking for detailed information.

The above mentioned points are quite stark in comparison. There are however a few details that should be mentioned. Like…for example, education and health services are free in both countries. And their free public health system operates on similar levels.

It is also a known fact that if one gets access to Australia gets an automatic access to New Zealand too! Canada’s biggest attractions are Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver. They hold much popularity with Indians.

The rate of labor force participation is different in both. A larger migrant participation rate in Australia often prompts a higher job/business rate. But in Canada, the rate of higher migrant participation is connected to a higher unemployment rate.

One has to wait for at least 2 years in Australia for social security benefits, whereas one gets instant access to this provision in Canada.

Canada is considered to be family and community oriented, while Australia is believed to be highly competitive.

Although both countries offer a lot, one considers climate and geographical location in their decision!

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