Canadian forecasts are out; ICT professionals in high demand

Canada has time and again shared the fact that it lacks availability of skilled professionals; especially in IT sector. This time the statistics vouch for same. By 2019, Canada will have requirement of almost 1,82,000 ICT professionals. And it is very well known that the country doesn’t have in-house talent for such huge requirement.

In this quest to fill the gap of skilled manpower, each province of Canada is expected to contribute in sufficient numbers.

  • British Columbia – 20,900 ICT positions have to be filled by this province. Out of this number, over 15,500 are expected to be covered in Vancouver, over 1700 in Victoria and over 3600 in rest of British Columbia.
  • Alberta – 17,300 will be catered by Alberta; with 10,600 in Calgary, over 4,000 in Edmonton and over 2,500 in rest of Alberta.
  • Saskatchewan – 3,900 ICT positions quota is to be filled by Saskatchewan. This will further bifurcate to 1,400 in Regina, over 1,100 in Saskatoon and over 13,00 in remaining parts of Saskatchewan.
  • Manitoba – this famous province should fill 4,000 ICT positions with 3,300 positions to be filled by Winnipeg and over 600 in rest of Manitoba.
  • Ontario – ICT professionals demand of over 76,300 has to be filled by Ontario. Out of this, 52,700 in greater Toronto area, over 9,700 in Ottawa – Gatineau, over 3,800 in the Kitchener – Cambridge – Waterloo region and over 9900 in rest of Ontario.
  • Quebec – well the only province which doesn’t follow Express Entry program is expected to cover 49,600 ICT positions. Montreal will have responsibility for 35,600 positions, 9,900 for Quebec city and over 3,900 in rest of Quebec.
  • New Brunswick – 2,200 positions have to be filled by NB. Moncton will have 900 positions, Fredericton 800, 300 in Saint John and 100 in rest of NB.
  • Nova Scotia – 3200 ICT positions requirement with 2900 in Halifax and over 300 in rest of Nova Scotia.
  • Prince Edward Island – 1500 ICT positions to be filled by PEI. Over 900 in Charlottetown while over 500 in rest of PEI.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 3800 positions should be filled by N&L. Over 2400 in St. John’s and over 1200 in rest of N&L; are the expected numbers.

The most highly demanded occupations in Canada for IT professionals are:

  • information systems analysts and consultants
  • computer and network operators and web technicians
  • computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • software engineers
  • graphic designers and illustrators
  • computer and information systems managers
  • database analysts and data administrators
  • web designers and developers
  • computer engineers
  • user support technicians
  • systems testing technicians

The above plethora of requirements can be filled by young skilled professionals; which Canada doesn’t have. In addition, Canada is particularly keen to consider females for immigration because gender imbalance is again something the country has to address.