What are the easiest countries to get citizenship to?

Adam Gering, a CEO, Uncommon Social. Writes  The following countries offer [...]

Which country’s citizenship is easy to acquire for Indians?

Take a look at this list of the easiest countries you can get entry into 1. Belize IMAGE CREDIT: THE REAL ESTATE GUYS RADIO [...]

Why does getting Italian citizenship by marriage take so long?

Arturo Camillacci, who is Born in Italy, well-traveled man says Italian Embassies an Consular offices abroad [...]

Permanent Resident vs. Citizen: What’s the Difference?

Have you been a permanent resident for a long time and now you’re asking yourself if you want to become a U.S. citizen? I bet the first question on your mind [...]

why is it so tough to get Citizenship of China?

Franky Liao, who lives in China writes Updated Jul 10, 2016 I think the main reason is that the population of [...]

Is Canadian Citizenship worth it?

Any day. Canadians as a people are much nicer and easier to get along with than, say, the Americans, the Australians or the Brits. They're quite a [...]

Which citizenships are the most difficult to obtain? Which are the easiest?

There are countries that you cannot become a citizen if you have no blood or religious relation to the country. The most difficult, a few The Gulf countries [...]

What is the difference between a US Green Card and US citizenship?

To maintain residency, green card holders have to continue living in the US. They will lose their status as soon as they leave. They are not allowed to vote [...]

How to get German citizenship or a permanent visa

Once you have been living in Germany on a German residence permit for a period of time – typically five years although exemptions exist for shorter time [...]

Is There an Immigrant Visa or Green Card for Disabled People?

The above question is one of the troubling questions that seem to bother a lot of people; if the immigration department grants special visas to physically [...]

I Am A US Citizen. How Do I Help My Relative Become A Permanent Resident (i.e., Green Card Holder)?

A lot of people dream of living in the US. To control the number of immigrants, the US authorities sets qualification standards and requirements to regulate [...]

Is it hard to get US citizenship after the green card process?

Anyone who has US permanent residency (a green card) can do anything she wants to do now. She can work at research, open a coffee shop, train dogs, drive a [...]

Canadian Citizenship – Benefits

Canadian Citizenship – Benefits Onсе уоu hаvе уоur Cаnаdіаn citizenship, you аrе аt lіbеrtу to fоr a Cаnаdіаn passport. Dо [...]

How long does it take to acquire Spanish citizenship?

To qualify for a Spanish citizenship, you must not be less than 18 years(mayor de edad), except your legal guardians are available to help you, which will [...]

Dual citizenship, all that you should know

Currеntlу, mаnу соuntrіеѕ allow dоublе nаtіоnаlіtу, and others dо nоt. Find оut whісh соuntrіеѕ have duаl nаtіоnаlіtу tо [...]