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What world’s happiest countries have for others to follow?

Here's a short video which shows what all the happiest countries have in common and what others can follow! Enjoy with a bit of [...]

Indian mark in Denmark

It's very seldom that Indians are considered to be settled very comfortably in countries other than US, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and well of course India. [...]

Looks Like The Danes Had Enough

Looks Like The Danes Had Enough
The world's happiest country made us sad by scrapping its evergreen Danish Greencard Scheme. As per latest update, fresh applications will be accepted only [...]

My eligibility for “Right to Choice”

It’s tough time for the youngsters living in India, lot of things influence them, “bachha kya kar raha hey” the most common dialogue asked by the [...]

Undo, Redo until you find Inner Peace

They say you should always do what you consider as your passion or hobby or liking. The reason this is suggested is to ensure you enjoy what you do because [...]

How Much more happy will you be Denmark?

According to the fourth world happiness report, Denmark tops the world happiness report, Again. It has just reclaimed its place leaving Burundi as the least [...]