I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

What is an I-94 record? The I-94 Arrival/Departure Record is an important form for any foreign national who is in the U.S. on a temporary visa, including [...]

Me, My Clients v/s Online Reviews… Nothing less than a Roller Coaster Ride.

The best part about my job profile is that I fight with each client to ensure they push themselves to land in their dream country fighting against all the [...]

5 of the best job sites on the web today!

There are truly a great many employment destinations over the web. However, the best career boards and search engine websites have mechanisms that are snappy [...]

And the award for the best character in the negative role goes to IELTS!

And the award for the best character in the negative role goes to IELTS!
Every movie would have two common things a villain and a happy ending; well Bahubali is an exception though because the movie wanted to create hype among [...]

The Best Economic Schools in First World Countries

Hopeful economists not only look for the best value for money but also want to ensure their education is well-respected among employers that provide long-term [...]

Switzerland and Its Four Languages

Switzerland and Its Four Languages
The country with beautiful landscape has four national languages; spoken in different regions of the country. These languages are German, French, Italian and [...]

Dil daa maamla hai

Our brains are supposed to be the prime factor for all our actions. If a person scores good or debates well or writes/sings/dances well, the common attributes [...]

Politics at work

Politics at work
This topic must be the most interesting and I am sure each one of you will have your own stories which you would have seen or may be faced at work. So I am [...]

Problems of H1B visa holders in USA!

Problems of H1B visa holders in USA!
Just like two sides of a coin; the H1B visa also has its own problems. The H1B holders face several issues/problems which US citizens do not face! Serious [...]

DON’T MISS! – Top Five Countries to Study MBA

DON'T MISS - Top Five Countries to Study MBA
Students, around the world, look for many courses to study. Do you know the course that is most sought after? MBA! The search of the best B-schools can take a [...]

Trump vs Clinton: Their Views on Immigration Reforms

Trump vs. Clinton -Their Views on Immigration Reforms
The Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on two different poles with their ideas on immigration reforms. Both candidates support the [...]

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen
Most people often  get confused with “permanent resident” and “U.S. citizen”. Of course, both have the right to live in the United States legally [...]

When A Fashion Designer Becomes a Content Writer!

You might think, “Arrey! It is that same old story! New girl, trying to fit in and going crazy with the work. Aur last mein, she will run away!” Yes [...]

Comparing Countries; Canada Vs Australia

Canada & Australia
Both countries are equally popular and both countries are a major hub for Indian students. Still, there are some differences when it comes to choosing a better [...]

Which is the Best Destination For Immigrants – Australia or Canada?

Australia or Canada - Which is the better place to live
It is tough to say which country is best to live, whether Australia or Canada. Both the countries have great infrastructure and rich resources. Personally, I [...]

Persistence is the Key Mantra to Success! Same applies for your visa application too.

Persistence is a Mantra for Success! A book on the table just took my glance titled “Margadarsi”, I was like it’s a heavy word and was thinking what it [...]

How to spend 15 quality hours at LHR?

Are you stuck at London Heathrow Airport for 15 hours? Are you wondering how to spend these grand hours? Don’t worry! No matter which terminal you are at, [...]

हम बढ़े या कहीं रह गये?

ऐसा कहा जाता है कि इंसान चाहे कितना भी उँचा उठ जाए, आगे बढ़ [...]

How Strange Can Question Be? Challenge Accepted

Sometimes interview questions can be weird. Visa interviews can be even weirder. Here are some of the strangest questions asked in a visa interview or found in [...]

Imagine – A World without Boundaries

Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Living life in peace John [...]

Just for Laughs

If Hugh Grant applied for an Australian Visa, what will his visa approval letter say? Well nothing special, it’ll still be called a Grant [...]

And it’s over! The world’s costliest separation is now official

In a voting of its own kind ever done before, UK voted today to leave European Union. This has shocked the entire world, except obviously Donald Trump who is [...]

Pursuit of Happiness – the American Dream

Pursuit of Happiness - the American Dream
Sam, an M. Tech from IIT, started his career as a software engineer in 1997. He worked in a Chennai-based company where he slogged out each day and performed [...]

Shoot You, Frame You, Hang You

In the sales teams which are primarily new, consultants are always advised to look up to their seniors or managers when they take a walk - ins as well as [...]

Why Indian Immigrants are Resourceful?

Why Indian Immigrants are resourceful?
The Idea is to kill the Idea, which calls skilled migrants as money minded people. Indians are excellent in creating stereotypes; the time has healed and [...]

Ek Consultant – “Bechari Bholi Bhali”

One of the consultants who missed on her incentives due to the consecutive month’s targets was a part of a review meeting. She was asked about her [...]

The Time Taken Worth Inception

If you have seen the movie Inception, you will understand the title of this blog. For those who haven't, in the movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays a professional [...]

Reasons why your visa can get rejected

One of my team members came to me and said “ Ma'am, please review the application of my client. This is a critical case and if you review it, he will get the [...]