Getting bored? Too much happening here!

Amidst all the crying about the malware attack, let's look as to what happened in immigration recently. Technically, too much; theoretically also too much [...]

How do I emigrate illegally to Italy?

Alberto Rebellato writes Listen man. I am Italian, and I am not against immigrant from any nation, but I have to tell you that: don’t do it. Not [...]

What world’s happiest countries have for others to follow?

Here's a short video which shows what all the happiest countries have in common and what others can follow! Enjoy with a bit of [...]

What’s it like to be in Canada right now?

Bonnie Foley-Wong, lives in Vancouver, BC Written 7h ago · I was born and raised in Toronto and [...]

Is it worth it to take permanent residency in Canada nowadays?

Supreet Singh, Canadian Permanent Resident, former Indian expat in Canada Updated Feb 25, [...]

Why are medical examinations required for Canadian visas?

Thank you for the ask to answer. You only need a medical exam to obtain a Canadian work visa if you have stayed in a certain country or territory prior to [...]

What’s it like to be in Canada right now?

I live in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Less than 2 hours from Toronto. I’ve lived here all my life, and I love it. Because you want to come live here in the [...]

What is the difference between temporary Residence permit and Permanent Residence permit in Canada?

Your supplemental question doesn’t follow your lead question very well. Just to be clear, I will assume that you already know the difference between TR and [...]

Is it hard to get US citizenship after the green card process?

Anyone who has US permanent residency (a green card) can do anything she wants to do now. She can work at research, open a coffee shop, train dogs, drive a [...]

Canadian Citizenship – Benefits

Canadian Citizenship – Benefits Onсе уоu hаvе уоur Cаnаdіаn citizenship, you аrе аt lіbеrtу to fоr a Cаnаdіаn passport. Dо [...]

Meanwhile in America

Hey check this out. A stand up comedian's experience with immigration [...]

Which country has a better reputation globally: Australia or Canada?

Well, in answering this question I’ll base my answers on these factors: overall reputation in international politics, human development index, weather, [...]

Why do countries like Australia and Canada need immigrants?

Truе сіtіzеnѕ оf Auѕtrаlіа don’t want іmmіgrаntѕ into their country. Pоlіtісіаnѕ аnd big buѕіnеѕѕеѕ mainly promote hіgh [...]

Selecting a right immigration destination, Canada

  Rаnkеd аѕ оnе of thе tор nаtіоnѕ оf thе wоrld fоr іmmіgrаtіоn, Cаnаdа іѕ a dеѕіrеd dеѕtіnаtіоn fоr іtѕ [...]

Donald; not Duck but the one who forced Americans to duck out!

'Badnaam na hue toh kya hua, naam toh hoga'. This was considered valid for people who were just known for all negative reasons but that didn't guarantee that [...]

Nakhre hi bahut hain!

A child who doesn't have shoes knows the worth of a slipper than the one who can afford many. Ask someone who cannot afford books to read, the value of an old [...]

A Coffee At Costa Coffee.. Broke My Heart!!

A Coffee At Costa Coffee.. Broke My Heart!!
Like any other person, even I have too many dreams and aspirations in life and to start with, I still remember sitting on a window seat of the city bus [...]

Things to Buy From India While Travelling To US

What should I carry to US
The general scenario which I have come across with people traveling to a country for the first time is; A SET of luggage which consists of anything and [...]

What’s the Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card?

What's the Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card
When prospective migrants start thinking about a green card of the United States, it obviously means they are looking easiest way to obtain permanent [...]

Australian Aboriginals & The Indian Gene flow

Australian Aboriginals & The Indian Gene flow
Introduction: Aboriginal is a term given to the people who inhabit in a land from the earliest times possible. They are basically the people who existed [...]

Why I Fell In Love With Canada Forever!

Why I Fell In Love With Canada Forever!
“Canada is not a melting-pot. Canada is an association of people who have and cherish great differences but who work together because they can respect [...]

Wanna Study In Singapore? – Here Are Its Top 10 Institutions!

Wanna Study In Singapore
“We sail tonight for Singapore, Don’t fall asleep while you’re ashore.” These two lines come to my mind when I think of Singapore. Tom Waits wrote [...]

Switzerland and Its Four Languages

Switzerland and Its Four Languages
The country with beautiful landscape has four national languages; spoken in different regions of the country. These languages are German, French, Italian and [...]

Dil daa maamla hai

Our brains are supposed to be the prime factor for all our actions. If a person scores good or debates well or writes/sings/dances well, the common attributes [...]

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen

Difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen
Most people often  get confused with “permanent resident” and “U.S. citizen”. Of course, both have the right to live in the United States legally [...]

It’s like asking; what if there are no jobs in the job fair that I will be attending!

It’s been almost 8 years into the immigration and counseling vertical, from then until now, following questions remain unchanged, “Will I get a job in [...]

The Best Country To Migrate And Start A New Life

Iceland tourism
Iceland has all the goodness to attract the foreign nationals; an average Indian would love to settle in Iceland as the Indian Rupee 0.54 = 1 Icelandic Krona. [...]

How Strange Can Question Be? Challenge Accepted

Sometimes interview questions can be weird. Visa interviews can be even weirder. Here are some of the strangest questions asked in a visa interview or found in [...]