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What would be the best advice when moving to Canada?

Jaime Golombek who works at VT iDirect writes On top of all the other great advise, in no particular order:The offers for unsecured credit cards [...]

What are the popular activities in Malaysia?

It is depending of which part of Malaysia you're visit. In Southern part of Malaysia, there have some famous theme park suitable for family, such as Legoland, [...]

Getting bored? Too much happening here!

Amidst all the crying about the malware attack, let's look as to what happened in immigration recently. Technically, too much; theoretically also too much [...]

Is it worthwhile emigrating to Canada?

Sam Arora, who was a food scientist, M.Sc. Dairy Science, M.Sc Food Science, 30 yr exp foods writes some one asked me [...]

What are some cultural taboos in Australia?

Heloise Campbell, who studied at University of New South Wales writes Lots of people have answered this question [...]

What is it like to be an Asian in Australia?

Carl Ramirez, Who is a Australian citizen since 2003 writesLet’s start with some statistics:I myself am an Asian in Australia. Asian [...]

How much money is needed to live in Singapore per month for a bachelor?

Daniel Tay, who lives in Singapore shares I know a retired bachelor who lives in Singapore and [...]

What are the pros and cons of living in Germany?

Kevin Li, who lives in Munich, Germany writesCons:At times too organized: You get a [...]

What are the things I shouldn’t do if I am a tourist in Singapore? Answer Request

Arseny Chernov, who Lives in Singapore, and says "it is my home." writesThe REALLY important things you shouldn’t do are:Ignore [...]

What is cheap in Australia?

Ben Kelley, who is An Australian.Updated Apr 6Beaches - one of the cheapest forms of [...]


Bryan Wayne, former Managing Director Shares REASONS WHY LIVING IN DUBAI WILL RUIN YOU FOR LIFEExactly 2 months ago from today, I [...]

What are the pros and cons of living in Australia?

Gaurav M Sharma, Lived in Australia as Migrant, Student, Worker, Business Owner & Family ManUpdated Aug 3, [...]

Do Australians really like skilled immigrants coming in and developing the country?

Mike Benstead, lives in Sydney, Australia writesWritten Nov 3, 2014I am an immigrant to Australia.   I've [...]

What did you take with you to Canada when you immigrated?

Scott Welch, "The tedium of peace in Canada is more or less relentless." - Bill Bell sharesI was marginally older than my brother User when we [...]

How much money would it take to settle down in Canada as an immigrant with a PR?

Congratulations! It’s a BIG move. I know it’s not all that easy. You must be having a mixed feel of excitement and concerns. I know I was there too. But [...]

What are some cultural faux pas in London?

Ifrah Mumin, who lives in London writesYou see these yellow cross-hatched boxes found on most London Underground platforms?They are [...]

How does it feel to live in Canada?

Brynn Emond, I am pretty decent at existingWritten 23h agoDepends where in Canada you live o’ course, but I can [...]

Before you settle in Montreal, Canada.

Few things that I would like to tell all the international students and immigrants coming to Montreal:French is very important in Montreal Montreal is [...]

what should i know before i travel to Ukraine?

Angelika Pidhomna, travel bloggerWritten 1h agoI’m from Ukraine. So, my life hacks here:Carpathian [...]

What’s it like to be in Canada right now?

Bonnie Foley-Wong, lives in Vancouver, BCWritten 7h ago ·I was born and raised in Toronto and [...]

I’m going to study in Germany for the next seven months. Where should I travel with affordable expenses?

Karthik Venkatesh, What a wonderful country!Written 18h agoAha! Nice question! So, let me [...]

Is it worth it to take permanent residency in Canada nowadays?

Supreet Singh, Canadian Permanent Resident, former Indian expat in CanadaUpdated Feb 25, [...]

Which German phrases should I learn before visiting?

Karthik Venkatesh, Lives in Italy | Lived in NLD, GER, USWritten 20h agoNice, I’ll help you with some. These [...]

What things are required when we move to Australia with children?

Jennifer Donovan, English till 11 years old, in Aussieland for the last 49 years!Written SunNot [...]

Where is the cheapest place to live in Canada? Answer Request

Austin Bugden, Engineering TechnologistUpdated Mar 3Well, I can guess Fort Mac is off the [...]

What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

As written by2003, a hot summer day. Los Angeles, CA. I was stopped by two police officers walking the streets in L. A. Downtown with my camera in my [...]

Drinking Tap Water safe in Canada?

Here are some viewsMost of the time, in most places in Canada, it’s very safe. There have been some widely publicized failures, like the Walkerton E. [...]

Is it worth moving to Australia from India?

Astha Ambani Writesyes and noIf you are the kind who is ‘dil se hindustani’ than [...]