Study In Canada

How much does it cost to study in Canada, from India?

Following is an estimate break-up of cost of studying in Canada for an Indian student - Tuition Fee Estimate Tuition is based on the type of program—thesis [...]

How much does it cost to study in Canada, from India?

Universities in Canada set their own fees, and these vary depending on several factors: what program you’re studying, whether you are an international or [...]

How can I study, earn and settle in Canada being an Indian?

Work and study in Canada. ... While you must supply sufficient evidence that you can pay for your tuition and living expenses before you arrive in Canada, [...]

How much funds are required to get a Canadian student visa?

You will need to prove funds equivalent to your requirement of expenses calculated as follows Requirement of funds- Tuition fees Boarding and [...]

In how many years Indian can get permanent residence after his MS in Canada?

There are many ways to get PR. You can see most of them at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/index.asp After studying in Canada for a year, you [...]