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What are some cultural taboos in Australia?

Heloise Campbell, who studied at University of New South Wales writes  Lots of people have answered this question [...]

What are common scams in Paris?

Zachary Taylor, who is a Doctoral Student in Political Economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business (2016-present) [...]

What are the top tips for travelers to Rome?

Matthew Lusk, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Dominican Republic Updated Dec [...]

What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country – Nigeria?

Quadri Oluwaseun, who is a Civil Engineer. Written May 23, 2016 NIGERIA Don’t give out [...]

What are the things I shouldn’t do if I am a tourist in Singapore? Answer Request

Arseny Chernov, who Lives in Singapore, and says "it is my home." writes The REALLY important things you shouldn’t do are: Ignore [...]

What are some cultural faux pas in London?

Ifrah Mumin, who lives in London writes You see these yellow cross-hatched boxes found on most London Underground platforms? They are [...]

what should i know before i travel to Ukraine?

Angelika Pidhomna, travel blogger Written 1h ago I’m from Ukraine. So, my life hacks here: Carpathian [...]

Is it better to move to Canada as a Permanent Resident instead of staying in US on H1B?

Mehdi Hasan Sheikh, who has Been in canada since 2007 Says Yes it is better. Much much better. Depending on your [...]

I’m going to study in Germany for the next seven months. Where should I travel with affordable expenses?

Karthik Venkatesh, What a wonderful country! Written 18h ago Aha! Nice question! So, let me [...]

Which German phrases should I learn before visiting?

Karthik Venkatesh, Lives in Italy | Lived in NLD, GER, US Written 20h ago Nice, I’ll help you with some. These [...]

Where is the cheapest place to live in Canada? Answer Request

Austin Bugden, Engineering Technologist Updated Mar 3 Well, I can guess Fort Mac is off the [...]

What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

As written by 2003, a hot summer day. Los Angeles, CA. I was stopped by two police officers walking the streets in L. A. Downtown with my camera in my [...]

Drinking Tap Water safe in Canada?

Here are some views Most of the time, in most places in Canada, it’s very safe. There have been some widely publicized failures, like the Walkerton E. [...]

Is it worth moving to Australia from India?

Astha Ambani Writes yes and no If you are the kind who is ‘dil se hindustani’ than [...]

What facts about the United States do foreigners not believe until they come to America?

Nobody talks about grades here. Everyone is highly private about their accomplishments and failures. Someone's performance [...]

Must know before you fly – Visiting Germany

Here are some things that a foreigner needs to know about Germans. If you offer Germans something, like food, they will take it! Incredibly scary, [...]

What was the strangest thing that happened to you as a foreigner in Japan?

Taxis in Japan. The taxis are spotless and very clean. The drivers are all clean and well dressed. At taxi stops the drivers take out a cloth and clean their [...]

What are common scams in Paris?

A common scam is bonneteau (a.k.a shell game). One dice and three little downturned cups, the dice is under one of them. The guy shuffles the cups and you [...]

What are some German customs and habits that seem weird to foreigners?

I’m going to come at this from a British perspective, based on my experience of living in Germany and having a long term relationship with a German. (Please [...]

What are some German customs and habits that seem weird to foreigners?

The weirdness of the German customs and habits depends upon the country from which the ‘foreigner’ comes from. In any case, here are some general [...]

What are some German customs and habits that seem weird to foreigners?

Your smiles are returned with stares, and by that I mean Real Angry Stares. The Germans will think you have a screw or two loose in your head. Toilet [...]

What are the pros and cons of living in Australia?

For the pros of living in Australia: 1. Unsullied nature An unspoiled natural environment is one of best attractions of Australia. This [...]

What are some of the best and most entertaining cities to visit in Australia? Answer Request

If you are into experiencing a more down to Earth ( anywhere but Sydney) trip to Australia, I highly recommend Darwin, NT. Not only because I am a Darwinian, [...]

What are some of the best and most entertaining cities to visit in Australia?

Hobart Having a renaissance in culture and arts led by Mona – Museum of Old and New Art | Hobart, Tasmania. • Lots of European history and [...]

What do you wish you knew before settling in Australia?

TL;DR I wish I’d known Australians don’t really banter. It’s a small talk culture. It isn’t to say that Australians aren’t lovely, outgoing people - [...]