Donald; not Duck but the one who forced Americans to duck out!

‘Badnaam na hue toh kya hua, naam toh hoga’. This was considered valid for people who were just known for all negative reasons but that didn’t guarantee that you could benefit from this. But samay badal raha hai. Nowadays, the more you are hated, the more you are liked! You hate Indian PM, nobody cares! You don’t like Salman Khan, yeah his movies will in any case make 100 crore club. You like Hrithik Roshan, sorry no hits for him. You don’t like Donald Trump? Every one from Ketty Perry to Michelle Obama to our very own (un)popular Barkha Dutt want to support Hillary Clinton; sorry but Donald Trump is the new US President.


No campaign, no news, no mass crowd ever was presumed to be in favor of Trump. His hard stake on certain groups, his racially biased approach, his foot in the mouth habit – all were criticized at global level. Nobody knows iske baad bhi kaun vote de gaya. The terror of his win was so huge that Americans actually started considering moving out of USA. Canada being the best option (no matter how much Americans make fun of it) was considered the most for relocation. Situation was such that the Canadian immigration website actually crashed due to huge traffic. CIC is in any case surfed a lot daily, considering too many active applications for Express Entry and applicants regularly browse for new updates but the election day surpassed all the previous records. This was the power of Trump’s win!

Apart from Canada; New Zealand was considered for relocation. The popularity and options for immigration to these countries could be the biggest factors which prompted Americans to take a leap from Trump land to these culturally acceptable countries. The plight of Americans towards the elections result was so evident that Canada’s official Twitter account even tweeted; taking a dig at Trump’s regressive attitude.


Trump should always remember that today he is the President of the US but he did use our PM’s election campaign tagline to finally promote himself. Not to forget how Trump was celebrated by certain groups in India! He better come up something better for Indians otherwise there will be nothing in US too; as now nothing is left in UK!

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