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Dubai Facts you Must Know !
Posted on: 19 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Dubai facts , must know before you go to Dubai ,

You are aware about the Palm Jumeriah.

But there is not only one palm island in Dubai. There is more than one.

The Palm Jumeriah

  • The palm jumerah is the smallest of 3 islands and still its so vast that it could be seen from space.

The Palm Jebel ali

  • You can see on this pic, something written in Arabic; those are boardwalks that circle the "fronds" of the "palm" and spell out an Arabic poem described by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum:
  • Palm Jebel ali is twice the size of Palm Jumeriah.
  • This is a tranquil island with 29 luxury hotels, water homes and floating homes.

The Palm deira

  • This is even bigger then The Jebel ali.
  • Measuring 14 km, is almost twice the size of Palm Jebel ali and thrice the size of Palm Jumeriah.
  • It will consist of residential property, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities, and clubs. The residential area will be located on the fronds and will contain 8,000 two-storey town houses in three distinct styles - Premier Villas, Grand Villas and Vista Town Homes.

The World Island

  • 4 km out at sea, 100’s of small private islands were being constructed. Seen from the air these islands will take the shape of the continents of the world
  • This was an even more complicated then the Palm islands. Because this is not only one island, there are 300 and each one is different bearing in size from 5 acres to 20 acres.
  • Each island had to be built in exactly the right position to create the global love from space, any mistake and the whole design would be ruined.
  • This is one of the private island owned by former F1 racer “ Michael Schumacher. ” in The World Island.
  • Dubai Waterfront
  • This will create 75 km of waterfront stretching into the desert.
  • The project is a conglomeration of canals and artificial archipelago; it would occupy the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, the most populous emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
  • The vision of the project is "to create a world-class destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the world's fastest growing city".

This is how it looks.

The overall structures of largest man made structures in DUBAI.

The Palm Island, Dubai UAE - Megastructure Development

Hope this was informative.

Thank-you for reading.

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