The Fancy Dress Competition-Last minute entry and nothing best than winning it!

One common question which most of my clients ask while registering for Canada process is, “There are a lot of applicants in the pool already, and how will I get an invite while others are waiting in the pool for a long time?” I am like how does that make a difference? For, if you are the best and you make the application at the right time you will get an INVITE for sure. Since it is all about the eligibility criteria and how well you represent or file your application.

Once while going back home from school, I saw a bunch of students from different schools coming out of a Yoga centre, now since I had attended some inter-school level yoga competitions, I went to enquire out of curiosity if it was another yoga competition conducted at an inter-school level. Upon enquiring, I got to know that they conduct inter-school competitions of various activities like Chess, Carroms, Dance, Yoga, Drawing, Fancy dress, Elocution etc… at registration fees of 20 INR per competition in return for which a participation certificate was something you get for sure. I was crazy about collecting certificates, upon that I also got to know that the school which would win maximum prizes would get an award for “The Best School.” So I and a couple of my friends started representing my school in the competition, though the Principal then, did not show much interest assuming it was waste of time. We managed to win some good number of competitions held and the most memorable was the Fancy Dress competition.

We ideally decided to take part in the singing competition and not the Fancy Dress, which was conducted on the same day, since we were not ready with our costumes, but somehow I wanted to participate in that. Looking around the participants in different costumes, plus that one girl whom I still remember wrapped in a saree made out of Newspaper, as she chose to become a news reader, kept me in a thought process for a while as to which character for Fancy dress can have a normal attire or the one which we were wearing that day. I asked my bestie, my partner in all the crimes “Meera, I have an idea for participating in this competition, we may or may not win this but yes we can atleast try this one. See it’s simple and we do not have to do much, in fact we don’t have to do anything. You see Mad people do not have a specific costume as such, they just wear a normal costume madly. So all we have to do is just experiment a lil with our clothes, spoil our hair style, like make it messy and just act like a mad person does, and we are soughted.” Thankfully since she was also as mad as I was, she agreed, and both of us made it to the competition, acted like a Mad person and WON IT! Yes we did. Everybody in the auditorium was shocked and I was just looking at that Newspaper girl, who took so many efforts to wrap that Newspaper and still won the 2nd prize. Needless to say at the end of all the competitions we also got the Best School Award for winning most of the prizes which are I believe still there in the school.

So it’s not about how many people are there in the queue before or after you, it is all about how well you could utilize your Time of Entry or Opportunity of Entry. It’s not about what resources you have, but it’s all about how you manage to represent the available resources you have in the best possible way.

And that’s what my answer is to client’s who ask me the question mentioned above, Well! though I do not tell them about my experience of winning a fancy dress competition, but what I have learnt from it. You do not have to think about how many applicants are there in the pool or what ranking they hold, since it would only shift your focus and do nothing else to your application. All you need to think is, you still stand an opportunity to make it to the pool and you still have an opportunity to represent your file in the best possible way.

I have seen applicants with 295 scores on the CRS ranking getting an invite from CIC and have also heard from applicants that their ranking on CRS is 450 and above and they are still waiting in the pool for approximately a year. The only difference between the two is, the one with 295 scores, knew where to apply at what time to get an invite, whereas the one with 450 scores though relatively high was ignorant about the actual process of getting an invite from the express entry pool!

The fact is there are multiple ways of getting an invite from the Express Entry Pool for which, the first and foremost thing required is to register in the express entry pool.

Sometimes more than anything else you should choose your instinct or the ultimate luck factor which works.