Germany Student Visa Interview Questions and Tips

What prompted your choice of Germany for study?

Tip : Be acquainted with positive key points of the country, its education system, recognition as well as its position in world education system.

Ans. Germany is the third most popular destination for international students in the world. It is quite an interesting place to study and employers around the world highly respect German university degrees.

Mention any tourist location in Germany and why they are renowned?

Tip : Compile a list of tourist locations in Germany and some points to back up why they are considered famous.

What is your course duration?

Tip : Mention the duration of your course.

Which university are you going to study?

Tip : Mention the university/college you are to going to study.

Where is your university located?

Tip : Know the precise location of your university.

Where do you intend to remain in the specific country?

Tip : Mention the address and arrangements for your education abroad.

Do you have any relative in that particular country?

Tip : Be honest at this instance.

Hоw are you going tо fund уоur еduсаtіоn?

Tip : It іѕ to be certain аbоut your finances аnd how уоu wіll mаnаgе іt throughout your соurѕе duration.

Who is your sponsor?

Tip : If уоu have a ѕсhоlаrѕhір, mention it. Else mеntіоn the nаmе of уоur ѕроnѕоrѕ (whether it’s your father or mother), аѕ реr thе financial documents.

Why made you choose this university?

Tip :  Be armed with the right information about your college or university; that can found on the internet. The information should include: world ranking, the center, the college profile, alumni profile etc.

Ans. This college/university offers my course of interest. Having visited their website, I was overwhelmed by their profile and thus, had no reservation in choosing them.

Which other universities have you applied to?

Tip : It’s to check whether you are genuinely serious about your education and have a well-thought plan or not.

What do you plan to do during your vacations?

Tip : Offer a plan to reveal ties with your family and country. Don’t show any target or goal for work.

What prompted your choice of studying in Germany when the same course is offered by university/college in your country?

Tip : Mention the standard of education in Germany. If the course is not available in your country, mention same but if the same course is available in the University of your home of origin, then highlight the differences in quality of education and structure of the course, in your country of origin and Germany. You must convince the VO that taking from Germany will be a boost to your profile.

Ans. Germany has been a center of excellence, especially in this area (in reference to your field). Although this course is available in my country, but Germany offers quality education by providing practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Why prompted your choice of this course? Is it relevant to your previous study?

Tip : In answering this question, you need to be clear about your plans for the future. Prepare a statement of how the course is relevant to your previous study and how this course will boost your profile.


I chose this course because I had my research related to this field. Doing this course will add knowledge to my previous study

Name some of the famous researchers in your field of study?

Tip : Mention a number of the famous personalities linked to your field and also mention their achievements.

What exactly is your future plan?

Tip :  Your answer should explain your thoughts, your intentions and strong ties to your country.

Ans.  I am sure that the recent increase in my country’s economy can open many ways for me to showcase my knowledge and skills. I intend starting my own business in my home country after completing my studies.

What profit can this course bring around you?

Tip : You must be clear about the benefits of your chosen course that yes. Stately clearly that the course will set open many opportunities in your country. Mention some technical words to show technical advances in your field.

Ans. As my country’s economy keep growing and financing from foreign companies are open, then many opportunities abound on completing my study.

Do you have intentions of working there?

Tip : Persuade the оffісеr that you don’t plan on staying in that particular country реrmаnеntlу. Yоu hаvе уоur lіаbіlіtіеѕ аt hоmе and your family is in India, and so after your study, you would return back to India.

Ans. No, I do not plan to work there. As my family in India, I have some responsibility towards them. So, after been trained in the latest technologies, I will arrange to return to my country and contribute to my private business.

Why do you think the university is giving scholarship to you?

Tip : This is asked to assess your sharpness. Mostly, scholarships are awarded for excellent academic records and scores of GRE or TOEFL.

How much will you be able to earn after completing your studies?

Tip : Since you intend on coming back to your home country then it is best to mention the amount in your native currency. Be accurate and genuine while giving the answer. Moreover do some analysis on the quantity of packages being provided on completing this(mention your course here) or in the business you are aiming.


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