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Bengt Lindvall
Bengt Lindvall, Who is a Retired Engineer and sales guy and Worked in many countries. Shares his Opinion
Answer, without any hesitation; Canada.

It is a liberal country with an open a functioning economy, welcome to all who can work and provide for themselves.

It operates with a soft Socialism, Scandinavian style. The governments works for the people, not to the benefit of large corporations.

The educational system is good, Canada has some of the highest academically performing teenagers in the world. University education is free, or at least reasonably priced, depending on which province you live in.

The health care system is superb, free to use for all, no exception. This may also be one of the reasons that Canadians are among the longest living nations on the globe. (The average Canadian has a three year longer life expectancy than the average American.)

There are too many people from “here or there” so no one cares about your colour, sexual orientation or religion.

If you feel like you want to give immigration a try, start here.

Apply to immigrate to Canada

Depending on the category you choose to apply in, it takes from three to five years to get an immigrant’s visa and become a permanent Resident.

Another Anonymous User shares –

If you ignore the emotional aspects and any attachments that you may have to one of these countries, then this question becomes highly subjective and the answer to it will vary from one person to another. I chose to make this comparison because I lived and worked in the UAE for more than ten years before leaving it and coming to Canada as a permanent resident. Also, I know of many people who are finding it hard to decide whether to leave their work in the UAE and decide to come here to Canada after they get their visa.

There may not be a straight forward answer to this question because so many factors and personal issues will come into play when trying to decide which country is better to live in. But what I will try to do is to write about my own personal experience and hopefully it will be a bit easier for you to make this decision.

First of all, I will talk about the financial aspect of the comparison. The UAE is a tax-free country where people do not pay any income tax, whereas in Canada people have to pay an income tax (as well as other types of taxes). Having said this, a part of these taxes is used to give residents free schooling (in public schools) and free health care. In the UAE, healthcare is not free and you pay a very large amount of money for good schools. And if we talk about housing, I used to pay more money in the UAE (in Abu Dhabi) for a rented apartment than what I’m currently paying as mortgage for my own house. Insurance, on the other hand is extremely expensive in Canada (please see here), so the UAE gets a point in this regard. In short (and I know that this is a very brief comparison) the UAE is more expensive in terms of health care, schooling and housing, and Canada is more expensive in terms of taxes, utilities, car petrol and more. But many companies in the UAE provide their employees and their families with health insurance (mandatory in Abu Dhabi), housing and pay for kids’ schools. So if you work in the UAE in a company that provides these services, then financially you’ll be better off in the UAE than in Canada.
But for me, the financial aspect, while it is very important, is not the most important aspect. Perhaps the most important aspect for me in the comparison is the stability issue. In the UAE your residence is linked to your work. Meaning, if you lose your job, you’ll have to leave the country (in most cases). Whereas in Canada, if you come as a permanent resident, then you are treated as such from the first day you arrive into the country…a permanent resident. And if you stay in the country for three years (and if you meet all the requirements) you can apply for Canadian citizenship. In the UAE, you cannot apply for citizenship regardless of the number of years you live in the country.

I didn’t mention any other aspects in the comparison because I think I mentioned the most important aspects to most people. Also, aspects such as social issues will purely depend on personal preferences. The UAE, being a primarily Muslim country, is more conservative than Canada. So if you come from a more conservative society then you’ll feel more at home in the UAE than in Canada.

And as I said in the beginning of this post, if you have an emotional attachment to one of the two countries (as I do to Canada!), then you’ll tend to focus more on its positives than the negatives. And at the end of the day, I do believe in the saying “Home if where the heart is”. And for me, even though I have great memories and know some wonderful people in the UAE, but my heart is in Canada!

The writer is an Anonymous Writer

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