H4 Visa Interview Questions

The following sample questions given below can be asked due ring an interview for the H4 Visa. These questions are collected from the experiences of several people during the discussion forum. Each case always differs, so you have to prepare adequately. There is surely going to be a difference in the line of question you will receive at your interview. The US consular may choose to ask you several questions or just a few from the list below. Using the questions below can serve as a preparation guide before you face the interview.

Questions on H1B and H4 Visas

  1. What sort of visa would you like to apply for?
  2. Why do you want to get the US visa?
  3. When did your spouse receive his/her stamping?
  4. Why did you come without your spouse? ( if you go for an H4 interview without your spouse
  5. Who made the application for the visa and where was it filed?
  6. Who fixed the interview appointment?
  7. Why did you not travel with your spouse? (if your spouse left for the US without and before you)
  8. How did you get the documents?
  9. The data you gave shows that you have been rejected before, do you have any idea why? ( if you have been turned down before)

Questions Concerning your Marriage

  1. On what day did you get married?
  2. Was your marriage a love or arranged one?
  3. When was the first day you met your spouse?
  4. How did you meet him/her?
  5. How did the proposal look? Or who did the arrangements for the marriage?
  6. Did you have your marriage registered?
  7. May I see some of your wedding photographs?

Questions about the Applicant

  1. Where do you currently reside?
  2. Who do you live with?
  3. Where do you hope to stay in the US?
  4. Who will be responsible for sponsoring your travel to the States?
  5. Who will be accountable for funding your expenses during your stay in the US? Or who will be financially supporting you in the US?
  6. Do you have a friend or relative currently living in the US?

Questions Concerning your Spouse

  1. Which university did your spouse attend?
  2. When is your spouse’s birthday?
  3. Which is your spouse’s highest educational degree?
  4. What is the name of the firm or company your spouse is currently working for?
  5. What is the address of your spouse’s employer?
  6. Who’s funding your spouse’s H1?
  7. What are the addresses of your spouse’s clients?
  8. May I see some pay stubs from the paycheck of your spouse?
  9. What type of work is your spouse currently doing in the US Company?
  10. How many years have your spouse stayed in the US?
  11. For how long has your spouse worked for the supporting company?
  12. What will be your next move after your visa expired or completed?
  13. May I see you’re the bank statement of your spouse?
  14. How much is your spouse earning?
  15. May I see your bank statements, tax returns, pay slips, etc.?
  16. Have you spouse filed to get a green card?


  1. Have a duplicate of all your relevant documents
  2. Ensure you clearly answer all questions during your interview
  3. Don’t get too nervous or stutter. Doing this will leave the impression that your misrepresenting the information
  4. After you’ve received your visa, be sure to make a thorough check to see that there is no mistake with regards to the way your name is spelled, the kind of visa you’re issued, the validity of the visa, your date of birth,


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