Help me H1B Visa Interview Questions?

The following are possible questions you may be asked in an H1B visa interview along with their answers.

General Questions and Answers

Q: good morning. How do you do?

A: good morning. How do you do?

Q: please do you have your Labor Condition Application (LCA)/ Non-immigration petition application (1-129)/ H1B approval document (1-797) here?

A: yes (produce the required documents)

Q: let me see your passport?

A: give your passport to the officer (ensure that your validity period is at least six months)

Q: are you with your old passports (if any)?

A: hand them in if any


Q: what qualification do you have?

A: give an appropriate answer (EG: masters in law)

Q: did you obtain your qualification in the US

A: yes I did. (Name appropriate school you graduated from)

Q: do you have your degree diploma here?

A: yes (hand the diploma over)

Q: how many years have you stayed in the US?

A: mention the correct number of years

Q: which city in the US do you reside currently?

A: mention your current place of residence

Q: do you intend to return to India?

A: answer appropriately (EG: yes! I’m going there for a temporary assignment which may last 3 years, I will be back immediately the project is over)

Employer Questions

Q: who do you work for?

A: mention the company name you work for

Q: how long have you worked there?

A: mention the number of years or months you have worked there

Q: do you have an offer letter from your employer?

A: yes I do (let the officer see your letter of offer)

Q: can I know the kind of projects your employer handles?

A: give an appropriate answer (you can check your employer’s website)

Q: who are the clients your employer works for?

A: mention a few clients

Q: how many employees does your employer have?

A: mention an approximated range of current workers Q: what is the yearly turn up?

A: give an appropriate answer (you can confirm with your employer)

Q: how much is your salary

A: mention amount per year

Q: can you produce any employer documents? A: sure! (Give the documents to the officer)

A: how can you meet this employer?

Q: give appropriate reply

Q: have you ascertained that this company is credible?

A: sure! I have gone through their track record and found it to be well established.

Q: for how long has this company been in operation?

A: it has been operating for x years now; it was established in xxx(year)

Q: what qualifications are necessary for the job?

A: answer appropriately

Q: can I know the name of the company’s CEO?

A: mention the CEO’s name

Q: can you provide your current pay stubs from your employer?

A: yes (show pay stubs for last three months)

Q: can you produce a W2 form from your current employer?

A: yes! (Produce the form)

Q: can I see your bank statements?

A: yes! (Show the statements)

Client questions

Q: which client do you work for? / What kind of work do they do?

A: I work for XYZ based at XXX (City, state) / describe what the clients do Q: do you work at the actual client location?

A: yes!

Q: can you name where the client is located?

A: it is located in XXX (City, State)

Q: How long have you worked with this client?

A: I have worked with him for X years/ months

Q: what are your duties?

A: I am a system analyst/ I specialize in developing, designing and testing applications (give appropriate answer)

Q: who do you direct your reports to?

A: I have a supervisor I direct them to (Show your supervisor’s business card if available)

Q: is your client letter available?

A: yes! (Hand in the letter)

Q: are there usually layers/ vendors in between?

A: give appropriate answer

Q: can I see the vendor letter if any?

A: answer appropriately

Q: may I see any pictures of the client location you are working?

A: ensure that you have a screenshot of the company’s website and other pictures

Q: why did you resolve to work there?

A: I see it as an opportunity to gain more knowledge and help me to be comfortable with foreign cultures. With this, I can enhance my career.


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