How do I emigrate illegally to Italy?

Alberto Rebellato writes

Listen man. I am Italian, and I am not against immigrant from any nation, but I have to tell you that: don’t do it. Not because it is illegal, but because it’s not worth the risk. Since you can’t pass trough airports, your only chance is to find a smuggler that will bring you to Italy with a boat. The boat will likely be old, rusty, and crumped with too many people that it can take. Chances of sinking and drowning are high. If you are lucky, you will be saved by the Italian Navy.

This is how you will travel

Every year, thousands of immigrants die in the Mediterranean.

Then there is the smuggler: those men are criminals, that care only about the money they will demand from you. You can’t trust them: they could easily drop you elsewhere, or even kidnapp you.

If you manage to reach Italy, what are you going to do next? Now even Italians are struggling to find a work, and you will likely end in the streets, begging for money or joining a criminal organization. Or you will be sent back by the Italian government.

I don’t know what your situation is, and I’m sorry if it is that bad. I would try to help you if I can, but I’m just a student with a phone. I can only warn you: moving illegally to Italy is a very risky travel that could end with your death. So if you want to do it, you will have to contact a criminal organization that you really should not trust, sail on a boat that could sink any moment, and then, if you won’t be sent back, you will find yourself in a very difficult life, where you will have to fight day by day. In the end, it is your call, but is it worth it?

I know that I didn’t really help you, and I’m sorry. But I had to be sure that you were aware of that.

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