How much does it cost to study in Canada, from India?

Following is an estimate break-up of cost of studying in Canada for an Indian student –

Tuition Fee Estimate

Tuition is based on the type of program—thesis or course based—and whether you are registered full-time or part-time. Please note that the below tables are estimates only.

Cost of Living Estimate

Living costs vary greatly based on the type of accommodation, whether you are sharing accommodation with roommates, and your overall standard of living. All figures are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Following are some other additional costs that you’d like to consider –

and some other costs –

Air tickets: $500 to $2000 (depending when you finish your admission process and / or book tickets)

Health / Medical Insurance: $300 to $500 per year per person

Visa Fee: $125 (may change; check the VFS Canada website for updated information)