How much funds are required to get a Canadian student visa?

  1. You will need to prove funds equivalent to your requirement of expenses calculated as follows
    1. Requirement of funds-
      1. Tuition fees
      2. Boarding and lodging expenses- These expenses may be taken at approximately CAD 2500 per month to cater for food, stay, miscellneous and contingency expenses
      3. Medical Insurance expeneses
    2. Sources of funds- Following sources can be shown
      1. Fixed Deposits in name of yourself, your parents, brothers etc
      2. Sanction letter of education loan by bank
    3. Some deficit, if there can be shown to be met through On Campus jobs, but before this, do check what is availabilty of such jobs in the university you have chosen and the permissible work hours you can work.
  2. Apart from above a contingency availability of CAD 5000 would be helpful to show for sudden expenses, travel etc

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