How much money would it take to settle down in Canada as an immigrant with a PR?

Congratulations! It’s a BIG move. I know it’s not all that easy. You must be having a mixed feel of excitement and concerns. I know I was there too. But you will get over it soon.

Ontario is a good place to go in terms of job opportunities, cleanliness, and last but not the least, Indian population. In Brampton, there are too many Indians, especially Sikhs! You will feel almost at home in here. Mississauga is also good, you will find immigrants from different places in here, mostly from Middle East. Greater Toronto Area (includes Brampton, and Mississauga) is the suburbs of Toronto.

You should try to live in a house which is near to bus stop and Go Stations, that way it would be easy for you to commute from home. Preferably, take a home within walking distance. Also, if you get it near Indian Groceries, that would be even better. Cooksville in Mississauga is one such place, which is near to Go Station and Indian Groceries (at Dundas and Hurantario Intersection).

However, the school is the most important thingy. You’ll have to decide which school you want to admit your kid. That determines where you should live.

Typically, the house rents near-by good schools are expensive.

-One-bed room apartment (with or without a den) would cast you around $1000. However, if you are willing to live in a basement, a two-bedroom basement would cost you around $800 pm. Many Indian let out their basements.

-Apartments are not that easy to rent in the beginning. They insist on your credit history, job, etc. Since you are a new immigrant, it could be difficult for you. Try your luck.

-Condos, you may get to rent. Condos, unlike apartments, are owned by individuals. If you can convince or provide references, they may be willing to let it out for you.

-You will need to pay one-month rent for – apartment or condo or basement

-For apartments and condos, typically, you need to pay Hydro bill

-For basement, it’s all inclusive (including Internet)

-One disadvantage of a basement is that, you feel cold during Winters, unless they are equipped with good heating facility

-All apartments, condos, and basements are equipped with Fridge and Cooking Range (mostly electric). Most Condos have Dish Washers too.

-Concerning, Kitchenwaare, I would advise to go for minimum until you own/find a house where you live longer. It may cost you $500 minimum

-Apartments and Condos come with Car Parking spot, If you don’t want to use, you may rent them out for $50 per month; Basements will not have a dedicated parking spots, but you will find some space to park for sure

-Concerning food, if you cook on you own, it won’t cost you much. We were four and did our own cooking. It cost us under $100 per week, including groceries, milk, vegetables

-If you don’t want to use used mattress, you may buy a new one. A basic double-bed mattress would cost you $300

-Hydro (Electricity and Water) would cost you around $50 – $60 per month

-Internet (if you are living in an apartment), would cost you $25 – $40

-Mobile phone, $40-$50 per month

-Vonage phone (if you want to make calls to India quite often), $33 per month

-Bus pass in GTA, $130 per month (You can buy daily, weekly, monthly passes). If you don’t want to buy a pass, but pay as you go, then each trip would cost around $3 per adult

-Sub-way, $3.5 per trip

-Laundry $3 to $5 per each wash (In apartments, you will have to pay for laundry, most condos are equipped with laundry. in basements, some are and some are not, but basement owners would let you use it at a particular time

-I would suggest, not to buy furniture. Try to get furnished condos/apartments. They are available. Many people sell good furniture at a very low cost. Till you buy you own home, try not to spend more on furniture. Most times, you may get it for free too

Good luck 🙂

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