H1B is believed to be the entry door for people seeking permanent citizenship in US so it is always advised to reach out an experienced attorney to help you in the process. The process of applying for H1B visa involves a complex process and requires submission of several documents during the process of application. Missing any document or any step can lead to increase of chances of rejection. You should always be prepared with the right set of documents and need to strictly adhere to the deadlines in which an experienced H1B expert attorney help is always advisable.

Before going forward let’s first understand what this specific visa category means and for whom it is best suited. Going by the definition H1B visa is meant for professionals who posses specific technical skill and is interested to work or live in US for the maximum period of 6 years. Aptly suited for professionals who are hired by US based companies and are in the country under “Specialty occupation “in the country. Though it is mainly popular among professionals in the IT industry as IT hires the highest number of immigrants but it is also applicable to professionals from other industry too. As it aptly said that H1B visa is the route to green card or technically called permanent citizenship as per United States Law as in most cases H1B visa holders apply for employer sponsored Green card on a later stage to stay and work in US permanently.

As the process is complex and the visa category is critical looking for the best H1B visa attorney is the right way to achieve your goals. Though internet can be one of the best ways to look for the attorney who suites your need but it is always advised to ask for client references of the attorney before getting into any service contract with the attorney. Prefer choosing an attorney with whom any of your closed one have earlier worked with. Since the process is tedious and need continuous monitoring the attorney should have credible amount of experience. An open process of communication if followed by the attorney’s firm should be considered as a factor which defines is the attorney is client friendly or not. As the process requires time to time hand holding so a personal touch is very necessary Before entering into any service contract with the H1B visa attorney you should ask for every possible process the New York Immigration Attorney’s firm follows in the total service delivery process.

The attorney long term experience in the space, good reputation among its client and open process of communication should be considered as critical factor while choosing a H1B visa attorney. Looking at the criticality of this type of visa, attorney should have the record of fewer denials in the past which is again a reflection of the attorney’s skill.