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I Know It All Attitude!
Posted on: 30 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

  The best part of our job as a consultant is dealing with clients having different perspectives on the concept of immigration.

  • A few are totally freshers to this vertical, the easiest ones to deal with. Since there can be a straight explanation given on the subject matter,
  • A few believe immigration is all about work permit which can happen, only if you have a job offer letter,
  • A few are perplexed about the various info they collect from the websites, friends, colleagues or relatives,
  • And a few, my favorite category clients, “I know it all” type of client.
  I was talking to my brother’s friend who wanted to know about Canada immigration process, in fact he didn’t wanted to know about the process, but wanted to tell me that I do not have correct or any information, since he know it all. Of course! Since I was his friend’s sister, he could not say it directly. As the call initiated, he said “I wonder where you are getting this information from, since I have been checking on this information from various portals, blogs, websites, friends and blah…. He said “In fact I have given my IELTS and I have scored 6 to 6.5 in all and all I know is, there is nothing as such, how can you send me on a PR without having a job in Canada, I am not in Canada, I did not graduate from Canada, nor I have worked there…. My friend got the PR after 5 years of his stay in Canada and blah…..” This went on with super aggression in his voice, in fact he was talking on the top of his voice and was trying to prove his 2 plus years research on Canada PR to be true than what information I would give him on the call. For until then, he did not even allow me to talk about the process from my end. Like I have mentioned, this category of clients are my favorite for, I know they are interested in process and are prospective clients. All they need is a right direction or right information on the process. They are like those patients who go to Doctor and say “I have fever, I know I have take a paracetamol, why don’t to you just write it on your prescription and give it to me.” I asked him to send his resume to me, since I did not wanted to waste my energy for I knew at that point of time no matter how much I would explain him, he would not get convinced because the “I know it all” devil was still there… I ignored his calls for 1 and half day telling him I am busy I will call him later. This was for two reasons 1, is I was actually busy and 2, is I wanted him to understand who he is talking to. He has to wait to get right info from me (Even I have attitudeJ). I went through his resume before I could give him a call and said “I know it all Boss, you are a SAP consultant and on the basis of your roles, I see your occupation would be listed under Information System Analyst and Consultants which is mapped under NOC 2171 which is in the demand list of Canada FSW/PNP occupation in demand category. I further see that you are qualifying the points based criteria too. This criteria allows you to apply of a PR irrespective of you having a job offer or not, from an employer in Canada. Of course there are points allotted if you have studied in Canada or worked in Canada. However, as long as you are meeting 67 points including your Age, Qualification, Experience and IELTS you do not need anything else.” I explained him the process of application as to what he needs in order to get a PR. He very quietly heard the entire process and asked very politely this time that “I have heard people saying you do not get out of the pool very easily, now what is that all about?” A lot of clients read or apply on their own or through other sources, have this perception that one would not get an invite from the Express entry pool and the file is struck for almost a year or more than that. Which is true! No doubt, that they are profiles which are there for more than a year in the pool. I asked him a question, “What do you think, could have been the secret for the 11,341 applicants, who received an invite from the express entry pool from a total of just 3 draws that were conducted in the month of April’17?” If you are having a score of between 300 to 400 or for that matter 400 plus and all you have done is just made an application on the express entry (EE) pool and are just waiting for CIC to come and see your profile or an employer to come and see your profile or a province to come and see your profile than you will never receive an invite unless the score cutoff comes down to your actual score on the EE pool. The secret behind the applicants who have received the invite in the recent or all draws are one of the following which has to be followed in order to receive an invite else even the embassy would not be able to help you.
  1. Get your profile in EE pool with whatever scores you have to get your unique EE registration id.
  2. There are 13 provinces in Canada which would accept your application based upon the eligibility criteria, know your criteria and apply for nomination. This would give you 600 points which will be added to your existing CRS scores.
  3. Since EE scores are editable, prepare further for IELTS and try to achieve CLB9, as it would give you highest points for all the three language related attributes.
  4. Search for a job offer through job bank or otherwise which would add up to 200 points to your existing CRS score.
All the above would only be possible if you have initiated your process for Express Entry. Getting an invite from EE pool is very simple, provided the above mentioned things are taken care of. Of course, as a working professional one would not have time to check on all the possibilities and hence we come into the picture. An average time, a consultant take on most of the applicants to get the entire PR processed is about 6-9 months, for it’s a day in and day out job for them to know, understand, strategize, implement and execute your entire Express Entry process to get you a Canadian PR in stipulated time frame. In fact PR is more of an investment that one would do towards their dream of settling abroad. Unlike all other investments like Insurance, PF, Retirement Benefits, etc.. which gives you returns may be 15 or 20 years later, an investment on PR provide your super awesome returns just in a year’s time, as your one month salary in Canada might be much more than what you have invested to get a lifetime opportunity for your entire family to work and settle in Canada. Plus the free education benefits for your children, health benefits for family, etc… come as add on benefits on the return on your investment.    

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