If I were to choose between Canada or USA, I would choose Canada!!

Well, migrating to a country like Canada or USA, has always been my dream too and it is still!! Every success story I witness, my aspiration of moving to Canada or USA, gets even more stronger and with the kind of Success list I am seeing in the recent past, I am more keen on applying to one of these countries.

If I were to choose between Canada or USA, I would choose Canada!!

A lot of times people approach me asking for which country would be better to settle down and make some good dollar income, and my first question to them would be, Why do you want to settle abroad, be it any country? The most common answers were, to make money,  and to experience that super awesome foreign lifestyle. Quite obvious though, even I feel an individual would want to settle abroad for these two basic reasons. One is to make money and another to have a better standard of living for themselves and their family members. Now comes the question between the two most competitive countries, which one to apply either Canada or USA?

My preference or my choice has always been Canada for some good and logically proven reasons. A few of them are as mentioned below:

In either of the scenarios, of making money or better standard of living, I guess Canada provides more benefits than USA on both materialistic and monetary ends.

90% of the families applying for Immigration are the ones, where both the partners are equally competent professionals and have achieved a decent level in their individual careers.

Any visa for USA including the H1b doesn’t allow the dependent to work, until the Greencard application is been filed, so that precisely means, the person holding H4 has to take a break from their career until the petition is filed which might take 6-7 years with no or limited guarantee of success. However when you apply for Canadian PR, both Primary applicant and the dependent would have equal rights to work in the country from the day one and enjoy equal exposure to international work experience and eventually end up making more money, since both of them would be earning a dollar income.

Medicals in USA has always been a nightmare for people I have seen residing in USA, though a lot of companies provides Medical Insurance, but still that hasn’t been enough to suffice the need of an individual, where as Canadian Government makes it more feasible and beneficial to an individual applying for Canada PR, by providing free medical insurance from the day one to the entire family.

I come across a few individuals with 3-4 years of experience looking forward to apply for Masters program in USA which was their once upon a time dream to pursue masters in foreign universities. I ask them if they are particular about USA or even Canada would do, since if they qualify and apply for Canada PR, they could save a lot of money on tuition fees payable to university, as if they opt for pursuing their higher education in Canada while holding a PR, they would pay the tuition fees as a local resident and not as a foreign student. Moreover after finishing their Masters they don’t have to depend on an employment sponsorship as they would be free to live, work and study in the country. A lot of PR holders start up their businesses in Canada as well.

With all the above said benefits, my only preference towards Canada among all the others has been, If I were to apply for Canada PR, my partner doesn’t have to compromise on his career opportunities or put a break until I spend some good 5-6 yrs in order to file another immigration application and anticipate for the results plus if its all about making more money and providing good standard of living to my family, I guess Canada makes more sense than USA. Just a thought though, based on some research… Think about IT!!!

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