Indian Cinema and Videsh

The relationship between a foreign country and Indian Cinema has been inseparable. Well, I can rather say it is a ‘Janam janam ka saath!’ Pick movies from any era, you will see a grand premiere of the ‘dosti’ between Indian Entertainment Industry and ‘Videsh’.

Indian Cinema and Videsh

The journey of this relationship started millennia ago. Starting from the ‘RK’ banner in 1940s which belonged to none other than ‘Raj Kapoor Sahab’ included clear connections with foreigners. His famous song from Shree 420, ‘Mera joota hai japani,’ is still a famous number among everyone. He even included a Russian Circus Troop in ‘Mera Naam Joker’.

The craze of foreign locations and foreigners did not die with RK Sahab. It continued further more ‘Love in Tokyo’, ‘Purab aur Paschim’, ‘Jaisa desh waisa bhesh’, ‘Banarasi Babu’ and the list goes on and on.

Now you must be wondering why I am mentioning about all these films right now?

Well, you might be surprised to know that because of these overseas’ shootings and involving foreigners in our cinemas, profit not just came to our national pockets but to the countries where we ended up filming.

Much more surprising part is that, the effect of Indian Cinemas has been so much on tourism of the foreign countries that they honor our efforts for building the relationship.

The perfect example is of our Late. Yash Chopraji! Switzerland government erected a 250 kgs Bronze Statue of Chopra Sahab in the heart of Interlaken. The legacy of Yash Chopraji’s romantic dramas opened up Switzerland’s gates for the flocking tourists from South East Asia. Be it ‘Silsila’, ‘Kabhi Kabhi’, ‘DDLJ’ or ‘Veer Zaara’ scenes depicting the astonishing Alps and mesmerizing Tulip Gardens were a must in his movies.

Not just movies, the brilliant music of our industry has crossed all boundaries and reached everyone around the world. ‘Indian ho ya foreigner ka event, bollywood songs tho zaroori hai!’ Songs of our beloved Burman Da are still famous among the ‘firangi’s.’

Even Tollywood takes a bang on all the foreign locations. Japan has a huge fan club for “Thalaiva,” and his dialogues are spoken by Japanese people with such flow… that leaves me speechless!

The relationship between Indian cinema and foreign countries has been in existence for almost a century and it benefits both sides socially and economically. Thanks to the immigrations of all these countries, we can feel proud about the honor we get from them.

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