Indian mark in Denmark

It’s very seldom that Indians are considered to be settled very comfortably in countries other than US, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and well of course India. Rest of the countries are always overlooked or say people think are not meant for Indians. Many reasons can be language barriers, closeness of nations (European to be specific), typical list of favorite countries of Indians to settle etc. There are many Indians who will share their stories and success which they have achieved in such nations but you will never find much Indians talking about countries like Denmark.

Normal notion of Indians is that Danish are cold people (obviously as per the online reviews posted) and they don’t consider outsiders as a part of them etc etc. But who knows that might not be true? Look at this video.


You know this is Danmark Har Talent (Denmark Got Talent), the reality show which is very much famous in countries like India, US etc. The performers are of Indian origins and there is absolutely no reason to believe that Indians cannot settle in Denmark or Danes don’t accept non Danes or whatever other popular perceptions regarding Denmark prevail.

The performers speak very fluent Danish (check their 1st performance and you won’t believe they can be of Indian origin the way they speak Danish). To speak such fluent & flawless Danish, they might have born in Denmark only (technically). May be their ancestors shifted to Denmark long back and that is how they could imbibe the roots of the country and may be hence the acceptance of Danes. Whatever, it worked out is the bottom line.

And if they had not mentioned the show’s name it would have been very difficult to understand as to what exactly they are talking. I mean Danish sounds like more of Elvish language of The Lord of the Rings. The way Elves spoke a tongue and throat pressing language, Danish is no less than that. No wonder it considered to be an achievement to know Danish and may be classy too!