Is Canadian Citizenship worth it?

Any day.

  • Canadians as a people are much nicer and easier to get along with than, say, the Americans, the Australians or the Brits.

They’re quite a civic minded lot which may come as a surprise to many new immigrants. They’re also serious about environment.

  • They’ve a welfare system which though not perfect is far better than what they have south of the border.

After getting the Canadian citizenship you will be well advised to get yourself an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) chop on your passport which will give you free entry into India and allows you to live and work here — if you so wish.

  • Ease of travel is a big plus with a Canadian passport. You don’t need a visa for most countries. A Canadian passport is a document which gets respect round the world. One of the few passports to get such treatment.

The places you mentioned in your question are all on the East Coast, which is VERY cold in winter. It’s also sparsely populated. Fewer people, fewer settlements and less human company.

Cold in Canada often means​ -30C.

West Coast is much sunnier and warmer.

  • Avoid small towns to settle in, if you can. Small towns are what they say they’re — small.
  • As an immigrant you’ll find it difficult to integrate in a small town​. You’ll be the outsider for a long time unless Fate intervenes in a positive manner.
  • Seek larger​ cities to live and work in. More people, more cosmopolitan and easier to integrate in. You may even discover an Indian ghetto.

Once you’re comfortable being a Canadian you can even look for opportunities elsewhere — south of the border or Down Under. The Canadian passport will help.

Bon voyage.

K Gopinath

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