Jokingly Canada in your daily pills!

You didn’t get it right.

Actually today is/are:

  • International Joke Day
  • Canada Day
  • National Doctors Day

So once an American jokingly asked, ‘what is the most funniest thing somebody did on 1 July?’

Another American replied, ‘they made Canada’.

Why sloths can never migrate to Canada?

Because you need an Express Entry for Canada, and sloths are, you know sloths!

You know how when you go to doctors or other practitioners and they try to ask about you, your profession etc.

Last time I went to a dentist and the same thing happened when the shining teeth of staff stood beside while I lay and asked the regular questions.

So I am like, ‘yeah I am into immigration. You know I send Doctors, Nurses etc. to countries like Australia, Canada etc’.

And they are like, ‘oh so when are you sending us?’.

And I am, ‘but you are not doctors!’.

Well that tooth extraction did hurt a lot that time!

(looks like the joke was on me, but yeah whatever).

Have you ever seen a doctor dating? I mean why would anyone date a doctor? You cannot understand their love letters; if anyone ever wrote one; and nobody would ever ever ever want to miss a doctor! It would be the only relation where other person would actually not want to believe in, an apply a day keeps the doctor away theory. So either the apple will be away or the doctor.

Yeah, I think that’s why generally doctors marry doctors!

It’s like a cult!

How do you know a country wants to promote immigration?

Easy. When they make their country’s face as Justin, and national symbol as the Maple leaf. You know cuteness overloaded!

And how do you know a country doesn’t want to promote immigration, doesn’t want to appeal anybody?

Again easy. You made the Trump and May as the faces of the countries!


Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. (Reuters)

PS: a little laughter never killed anybody. Even if you didn’t like/get the jokes, pretend. After all making a bad face never solved anybody’s problems!

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