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Australia has been one of the few countries which are open to immigration via its permanent residence program. Australia’s immigration policies and planning levels were praised during Brexit too and UK even proposed to consider something on similar lines like Australia’s policies.

The year 2016 for Australia too saw the demand with which people consider this country for permanent settlement. The planning levels of immigration for Australia were set at 190000 in 2016. It is without doubt that Australia’s planning levels are catered every year. 189770 places were filled under the permanent migration program. The major countries which contributed in immigration to Australia were:

  • India (21.2%) – up by 18.4% as compared to 2015
  • China (15.3%) – up by 14.7% as compared to 2015
  • UK (10.0%) – down by 11.1% compared to 2015.

The categories under migration program are a mix n match of Skill Select, Family Stream and Special Eligibility Stream. The places filled under each these were:

  • 128,550 places under Skill Stream
  • 57,400 places under Family Stream
  • 308 places under Special Eligibility Stream.

As expected, maximum places were filled under Skill Select. Professionals who wish to settle in Australia as a skilled professional choose Skill Select option which is further boiled down to options like Skilled Independent Visa (sub class 189), Skilled Nominated Visa (sub class 190) and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (sub class 489).

The top three major occupations which were granted PR visas were:

  • Professionals (64.8%)
  • Technicians and Trades Workers (17.7%)
  • Managers (9.9%).

Within the Skill Stream:

  • General Skilled Migration (GSM) had an outcome of 72,840 places i.e. 56.7% of the skill stream contribution was made under GSM
  • Employer Sponsored category had an outcome of 48,250 places i.e. 37.5%.
  • Business Innovation and Investment Programme had 7260 places while Distinguished Talent category had 200 places filled.

The states/territories that attracted largest number of migrants were:

  • New South Wales (32.5%)
  • Victoria (25%)
  • Western Australia (11.9%)
  • Queensland (11.5%).

With the above statistics, it is pretty sure that Australia has no intentions to cut down on its immigration intakes anytime in near future. And with its demand in countries like India & China, it has no reason to consider itself unwanted.

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