My spouse is on a student visa, what are my answers?

To answer your primary question, yes if your wife comes to Canada to study you can get a work permit


1. Which study/course is best for my wife which can help in settling in canada.
This depends on what your wife wants to study or the field in which she is interested in working, I can tell you this much though Tourism is not a big industry in Canada.

2. What are my chances on getting spouse visa along with my wife? When should I apply?
You can get spouse visa and work permit. The rules are given here http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work-spouse.asp

3. Can i get work permit as well?
Yes refer answer to above question

4. How long can i work in canada?
As long as your wife’s student visa is valid and she is studying her course

5. How to get job in Canada?
refer to my other threads on this topic…you can search under my name and you will get them.

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