PR / Citizenship Vs Work permits

Temporary Work Permits vs. Permanent Residency

The concept of a Canada & Australia temporary work permit can sound very appealing. Often there is less paper work required and the processing times are faster when compared to a permanent residence application. All of which means, generally speaking, you can come to Canada or Australia faster.

What people often don’t consider is the temporary and inflexible nature of a work permit. With very few exceptions you are typically granted a closed work permit means only for few years. PR visas are for all your life provided you follow the conditions. This is true for your wife and children.

What does this mean for you? If granted a closed work permit you would be restricted to work for the same employer, at the same position until the employer no longer requires your services or when your work permit expires, whichever comes first. Or let’s say your employer no longer needs your services, what do you do? You would have to secure a new job offer with a new employer and again apply for a new work permit that might not even be successfully approved.

I know stories of foreign workers that get fired from their jobs or their work permit expires and they lose their status and gainful employment in Canada & Australia. But most importantly to me, is that so many foreign workers are forced leave their families behind and don’t get to see their children grow up.

So what’s the alternative? Please think about Canada or Australia Permanent Residency.

being a Canada or Australia Permanent Resident means you are able to live and work in Canada or Australia with the same freedoms as a citizen. You don’t have to look for a Canadian or Australian job offer and put forth the extra effort of obtaining a new work permit. Additionally, Canadian or Australian Permanent Residency rights are also granted to your dependent family, which is NOT the case when dealing with temporary work permits.

For all intents and purposes, Canadian/Australian Permanent Residence is equivalent to a US Green Card. Do most people want a temporary work permit to the USA or do they want permanent status there? From my experience, Majority wanted the latter.

So why the mad quest for Canada or Australia work permits? The short answer is, You land in that country with a job in hand and hence feel secure and confident. But it is very difficult to get a job offer unless your skills are in huge demand.

Please note that as a Canada or Australia Permanent Resident no one can restrict your lawful employment and no employer has the power to control your status in Canada or Australia.

As a permanent resident you can change your occupation, start your own business , study yourself or do nothing… If you can afford it.