Things I’ve Learned In New Zealand

Things I've learned in New Zealand

  1. New Zealanders are the friendliest people in the world

I was really amazed by the way the kiwi people remain friendly with the new people. Before boarding a flight to Auckland, I was preoccupied with the strange rumors of the friendly nature of the New Zealand people, when I started meeting the kiwi people regularly, I was struck by their kindness, and to be frank it was astonishing, I am totally not prepared for the warm reception from the New Zealand Citizens.

  1. What Kiwi really means

The New Zealand people are popularly called with a nick name kiwis and it is the name of the New Zealand’s flightless bird. The kiwi in the United States is the name of a fruit, and you can imagine the bird as wells as fruit if both are your favorite ones.

  1. Driving on the left is fun, until you get to a roundabout, then it’s terrifying

I was little scary driving in New Zealand, If I die it would be only during the roundabout, moving at the left end is fun. I think moving in the wrong direction, makes people scary, the wrong direction is possibly a great threat as well. If I die in a road accident in the New Zealand, then the 80 percent chances could be at the roundabout.

  1. The more sheep than people rumor is not false

Moving from the urban Auckland, I noticed complete lack of people, driving to Wellington, It took me more time to figure out people. I felt that New Zealand as the end of the world. Everywhere sheep, the rumor is not a false, that the more sheep than people.

But, during the spring, lambs are born, adorable looks and fluffy baby sheep everywhere.

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