To be or not to be a Canadian

‘Love thy country’. This phrase has different references and meaning for different people. For some fighting in armed forces is love for country, for some it is serving through politics, for some by doing charitable works while for some it can be just doing small deeds which maintain the country. No one way can be said as right or wrong; it is just a unique manner in which a person depicts this love or primarily the responsibility towards the country. But is it only while living in your own country that you can show your affection towards your nation?

To be or not to be a Canadian

Recently Canadian PM Justin Trudeau quoted, “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modi does.” While the PM had just playfully responded to a student’s question in a University, the truth remains the same that many immigrants especially Indians have been able to not only settle and build a better future for themselves in Canada; the country has now at least started to recognize immigrants at national level by providing coveted posts to many immigrants outside Canadian origin.

With recent developments in Canadian government, the country has not only become favorite destination for immigration but it also is a great country for people who want to achieve at not only national but international level. The success stories of Indians in Canadian government today is a perfect reply to those who feel or consider immigration as mere ‘brain drain’ for a country like India or who think that leaving one’s country can only mean betraying your own motherland or who think that settling abroad will mean only struggle with no long term growth. Canada is a perfect example of a country which addresses all such concerns & apprehensions of aspirants and their families who want to not only settle abroad but make it big abroad. I mean you representing as an Indian in Canadian Parliament; does that not count towards bringing fame to your nation at global level?

Here’s a country which not only is a HOT & favorite destination for all skilled professionals but today it has evolved to a level that it is accepting people of non Canadian origin for all important and prestigious roles. This in itself proves the seriousness the country has towards immigration and now it has also very skillfully answered the concern of ‘leaving your country behind’ by saying that we are giving you opportunity to make your country proud at global level. When the country has become wise to accept its shortcomings in terms of lack of skilled manpower and ageing population then there should not be anything which should stop a skilled professional especially an Indian from capitalising on this opportunity.

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