Tourism just got serious!

Looks like international tourism industry has again focused on alluring Indians to visit their scenic beauty. Indians are currently also travelling on business trips or honeymoons etc but that is primarily limited to Asia. Business trips with Japanese counterparts or honeymoon to Indonesia are more prominent destinations; considering the businesses which Indian firms do and the budget under which middle class people can afford to travel out of India. But now the other continents too have again got serious in promoting their tourism within Indian masses.

Recently some major countries like Switzerland and New Zealand have taken their tourism promotions to an entire new level. Australian tourism advertisements are regularly aired from past many years but may they were content with the number of Indians tourists they are getting or they never thought of giving a brand value to the advertisement. But Switzerland and New Zealand went a step further when they hired renowned faces like Ranveer Singh and Sidharth Malhotra respectively for promoting the tourism of these countries within Indians. Switzerland was always popular among Indians but now when Yash Chopra is no more, the scenic love is very rare to be seen. The only Europe you see nowadays in movies is by the name, when Anushka & Ranbir just specify the countries in which they are in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. You only see interiors or night clubs in name of foreign locations.

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Posted by 100% Pure New Zealand on Friday, March 17, 2017

Ranveer is shown skiing in Swiss Alps with other adventurous activities in the commercial while Sidharth gives a more narrative approach under his diaries & testimonials on the New Zealand tourism website.

When it comes to convincing Indians to take a travel trip abroad, you need a brand ambassador which can be a 1st approach but most important, you need a fad. Indians need fad for everything. They need a fashion or a phase or say ‘what is in’ thing when it comes to literally convincing them to accept something. You show La Tomatino in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, yeah we like it, Spain will then become hot destination to visit and we will also plan to have such festivals in India; but if it is not a fad in India, it is quite difficult. But putting hot faces in the advertisement; that definitely should do some good!

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