VETASSESS Australia announces its Skills Assessment Support

The leading Vocational Education and training (VET) assessment provider of Australia, VETASSESS has announced its Skills Assessment Support service.

The Skills Assessment Support (SAS) service aims to provide tailored and commissioned support to all the applicants or agents concerning how to submit a decision-ready application for general and specialized professions with VETASSESS. The SAS is a platform for the immigration agents and the prospects that are planning to submit their Skills Assessment application to the VETASSESS.

Skill Assessment Support provides you with two options: Getting your documents checked and providing you a consultation about a particular employment.


This service provides guidance to the Applicants and Agents in meeting the documentation requirements for compiling individual decision-ready Skills Assessment applications for general professional occupations. The document check is followed by step-by-step guidance over the phone to take you through the application process and/or assistance including how to lodge a Skills Assessment application. Please note the advice offered does not guarantee a definitive outcome of your Skills Assessment against a select occupation.

Procedure to follow. processHow much do I need to pay?

An applicant has to shed AUD $110 as the fee for the Document Checking Service including the GST.


Consultation on a selected Australian occupation involves a 30-minute guided discussion about the Skills Assessment criteria that applies to the selected occupations assessed by VETASSESS.

Who is eligible to apply?

The applicants and migration agents who want to learn more about the VETASSESS Skills Assessment criteria for the selected general professional occupation can utilize this consultation service. An applicant should not Please do not use this service if you have a pending or completed Skills Assessment application.

Procedure to follow. 


Fees – An applicant has to pay AUD $220 as the consultation fee for a 30-minute session including the GST.

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