Was a hen first or an Egg?

What’s the Problem in a Question that has been asked for over a century but never had an Answer? Problem is the Answer. Yes, it’s the Answer that actually troubles a Question which when pitched was assumed to not have an Answer. For instance, take the question “Was a hen first or an Egg?”

Okay, let me make it more relevant to our business. So many smart, impeccable minds have been asking me “a job first or a visa first?” Other day, I saw a client writing a feedback on some immigration company’s website, he writes –“company had mentioned that they do work visas but when I called a particular branch they informed me they don’t! Then why publish it?” Recently one Senior Employee mails that we don’t do work permits for South Africa so why was it told to a client that they do, through a Marketing activity? Do we or Do we not? But do you really want to know the answer or are you just shooting a question because you assume that there is no Answer to it or assume that we have an Answer which is presumed and which others differ to agree? But the need of the hour is the obligation to be on one side, the right side when we are turning into a 12 years old company?

My problem to answer this question is that there would be more ingenuous questions which will follow, like:

1)      My client wants to know whether he can carry his DOG with him. Can he?

2)      My client already has a visa and wants to know whether we can find him a job?

3)      My client wants to know whether we do immigration for USA.

4)      My client wants to know whether we can help him in O visa.

Want to know what’s my problem? Every question’s answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would we not do work permits? We do, swear on you we do, trust me. But the problem arises when clients are qualified for an immigration program but still don’t want to apply for immigration and rather want to apply for a work permit (presumably for a silly reason that a) work permit is cheaper than Immigration service b) he feels he is cutting the crap of life and reaching heaven directly). But work permit, actually should be the last option for a potential client, who wants to settle abroad (never saw the table which compares work permit to a PR? Search for one now). Last option, because it creates a very less chance for an Employer Abroad to risk sponsoring you and taking a risk of sponsoring you all the way to their country when compared to exercising the process of finding a migrant would be easy and this process involves no liability (you will know in the next lines on why I used liability) at all. In the work permit section/service we market your resume, starting with writing one and see what chances you get in the form of responses, so in a way let’s call this service as “Resume Marketing” rather than calling it a work permit. Most of the times, the problem is with the mind of a client which is still stuck to the 1990’s situation where even a layman got a work permit by fake resume, interviews etc. through which he/she made invasion on foreign lands and thanks to these foreign employers, who call themselves as the first world nations and took over a decade to realize that what they read (resume), talked to (telephonic interviews) client is actually NOT what they get (to see) when recruited. This happens only when the employer had to sponsor this individual and once the employer realized the whole plot he sacks this employee but somehow forgets that it was on his company’s name that this employee entered into this first world country (like USA) and unknowingly the company has become a direct liability by sponsoring him/her through work permit. Now, all this employer can do is sack but cannot leave the guy on return flight, right? If they do it, then the human rights issues arise!

Later, the immigration authorities found that these sacked guys who now automatically become illegal immigrants are chasing odd jobs which actually belonged or were meant for their citizens, add the trauma of defaulting the credit cards, loans defaults etc. there was little to look back or take action on these guys, so made the companies which bought these candidates into the country directly liable and sued them to millions. Thus, today these first world countries’ employers are very cautious in giving work permits because they feel immigration is a better angle to look into where the country is actually doing all the back ground verification and getting the encyclopedia into their country at their own cost and all these companies need to do is JUST employ them like any other citizens.

Now I know that still some lips are dying to read the answer for “visa first or job first?” Let me give you the answer, not to this question but to the one that impelled this whole critique.

“Hen or Egg?” It’s the HEN, because an egg always (follows/comes) from Back (read next). Whoever answered this was someone who wanted to answer it at any cost; keeping logic, math and science as much as could be kept in loop.