What are some strange facts about Australia? Answer Request

1.Pink Lake

Middle Island is the largest island on the Recherché Archipelago off the Esperance coast. It contains a pink lake, Lake Hiller which looks like a pink, solid bubblegum from the above. Scientists have suggested that the pink coloration is from a dye made by bacteria which stays in a salt crust habitats.

2.Australia has several beaches

It will take you about 27 years to have a look at all the beaches in Australia which numbers up to 10,000 if you have to go to one different beach every day!

3.   Criminals made up Australian’s first Police

In the year 1789, a gang of 8 of the best-behaved convicts became the first group of cops, inaugurated as the colony’s night watch by Arthur Philip, the Governor at the time.

4. Prime minister immortalized as a world beer drinker

Before emerging as the Australian’s Prime Minister in the 1980s, Bob Hawke had in 1958 stamped his name in the Guinness book of records for being the fastest beer drinker, finishing 2.5 pints in 11 seconds.  And he’s still gоt it –  аѕ еvіdеnсеd in thе рhоtо above, snapped at thе 2014 Ashes tеѕt mаtсh in  Sydney whеrе fаnѕ drеѕѕеd as Rісhіе Bеnаud сhееr Hаwkеу оn аѕ he ѕkullѕ a  pint оf the sweet аmbеr nесtаr.

5.Vast cattle station

The largest cattle station in Australia is Anna Creek and spans about 24,000 sqr km. It is larger than East Timor, Fiji, Israel, Slovenia, and Cyprus.

6.The species of Australian spiders are over 10,000

Australia is home to more than 10,000 species of spiders.

7.The deadliest animal in the world

The marine stinger is the most poisonous jellyfish on earth. More than 5,568 deaths have been accredited to this fish since the year 1954.

8.The wealthiest woman in Australia

The wealthiest woman in Australia, Gina Rinehart makes over $1 million in every thirty minutes, equivalent of $598 every second.

9.Mysterious disappearance of prime minister

Harold Holt, the former prime minister, went to the Cheviot beach to swim and has not been seen up to this day.

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