What are some things free in your country but you have to buy when visiting other countries?

When you are enjoying Norway’s beautiful nature for free, why not also stay in a cottage for free?

There are many hundreds of these small cottages scattered all over Norway that you can stay in for free. They are reserved for hikers, fishers, hunters, and anyone else who are traveling in the mountains or forests, and who are in need of someplace to stay for the night. The door is always unlocked, no reservation needed.

There is no electricity, running water, or WiFi, but you have a bed, a furnace, and a roof over your head. Just remember to bring a sleeping bag. These cottages are owned and maintained by the government, and were used by lumberjacks in the past. I’m going to take a leap of faith and claim that this is something you’d have to pay for in most other countries.

Dog not included.

Edit: Thanks for all the comments! Lots of people are reporting that similar arrangements can be found in other countries too. So I decided to list those countries that offer cottages – both free or not – and the contributing Quorans (so I’m effectively invalidating my own answer). Most of these cottages are found in the respective country’s mountain regions. Check the comments for more details.

USA (Jennifer Ellis, Dillon Otto, Luba Vasilenko, Jeff Verkouille, Joe Vozzo, Jerry Peter, Mike Motter, Matthew Gordon), India (Aman n Roma Pruthi), UK – including Scotland (Tim Elliot, Hamish Ashcroft, James Martin), Nepal (Mo Riddiford), New Zealand (Mo Riddiford), France (Pirre Estadieu), Sweden (Jakob Persson), Italy (Fabio D’Aleo, Ermanno Zanella), Switzerland (Grégory Trottet), Spain (Angel Marco), Finland (Hanna Mattila, Antti Ahti), Romania (Adrian Scoica), Australia (Ayden Beeson, Priya Krish), Russia (T. Loginov), Japan (Aaron Paulson), Andorra (Jackson Nietert), Iceland (Lilja Karen Björnsdóttir), Estonia (German Bidzilja), Slovakia (Michal Sikora), Philippines (Kath Giron Pe), Mexico (David Vitela).

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