What are some things free in your country but you have to buy when visiting other countries?


Here in Norway we have a set of laws known as the Freedom to roam – or actually in a more literal translation as “Every mans right” (that’s man as in person, not as in male).

This part of our cultural heritage gives everyone the right to:

  • Free movement on foot and skis
  • Resting and overnight camping anywhere in “utmark” as long as you’re at least 150m from the nearest building.
  • Riding and cycling on trails and roads
  • swimming, canoeing, sailing and rowing in any lake or river
  • picking berries, mushrooms and wildflowers
  • fishing for saltwater-species (though subject to sustainability-regulations)

These rights apply everywhere in “utmark” – regardless of who owns the land and what they happen to think of it.

We divide land into “innmark” and “utmark” which literally translates to “infield” and “outfield”, the distinction is that “innmark” is cultivated and actively used land such as gardens, fields, parks and roads.

“utmark” is everything else; mountains, forests, moorland, tundra, swamps, beaches, lakes and rivers.