What are some things free in your country but you have to buy when visiting other countries?

The free museums in the US.  I grew up in the DC area, and took it for granted that top notch world class museums are supposed to be free to the public.  On any given weekend when I felt like it, I could go for a stroll on the National Mall and “museum hop” through the various Smithsonian Museums without having to pay a cent.

The Natural History Museum, with enough to see for a whole day affair

The huge Air and Space Museum, which could take a day or two to thoroughly enjoy

The American Art Museum

The Arts and Industries Building

The American History Museum

The Freer Gallery of Art

And many, many, more, all stacked next door to each other, museum after museum after museum, all with free admission.

So when I travel abroad – and I’m living overseas these days – I feel slightly offended, a bit cheated, and inevitably disappointed when I go to a museum and I have to pay a cover charge for admission.