What are some things free in your country but you have to buy when visiting other countries?

Coming from the US, comparing to Germany here.

Water: you get free water at restaurants in the US. Here they charge you, and you specify whether you want still or mineral, and they’ll often bring it in a bottle

Toilets: pay toilets are a thing here and in most of Europe. Even in the train stations! Can’t imagine walking into Penn Station back in NYC and paying for the privilege of using the bathroom. At least bathrooms as a whole are better maintained in Germany.

Grocery bags: bring your own or pay in Germany. In the US, the stores couldn’t care less if you decided that each item needs to be quadruple bagged on its own (ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I personally never tried that)

Internet: not everywhere but a lot of places in the US have free wifi. In Germany you might have a hotspot that you can connect to for 30 minutes for free, otherwise you pay for time in an Internet cafe.

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