What are the easiest countries to get citizenship to?

Adam Gering

The following countries offer citizenship via investment:

The Commonwealth of Dominica
How do I apply for Economic Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica?

Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
You must use a person authorized by the Citizenship-by-Investment Unit (CIU): Authorised Persons

Republic of Malta
Individual Investor Programme – Malta

Warning, never trust any citizenship program promoted by a third-party, the Internet is full of scams. Work with official government offices and websites only.

Edit: Henley & Partners designed the programs for Malta, Nevis, and Antigua; they are reputable.
CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT: Citizenship By Investment Options

An interesting article on the subject:
Passports for a Price: The Business Showing Poor Countries How to Sell Citizenship

Aside from economic citizenship, you can gain citizenship of some countries by birth right or descent. Finally there’s the most traditional way: get married. Marriage almost always requires a period of permanent residence, usually expedited (e.g. 2 years in the Republic of Costa Rica).

Bence Zakonyi

There are ONLY 8 OFFICIAL citizenship by investment program in 2016:

Caribbean: St Kitts, Dominca, Grenda, Antigua, St Lucia

EU: Cyprus, Malta

Asia: Bangladesh

(Bulgaria has a fast-track citizenship solution through residency by investment, that requires also at least 1 year residency and that is not a citizenship program)

Without prior residence requirements, you can get the citizenship only in St Kitts, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua, St Lucia. In Malta, the residency requirement is 1 year, in Cyprus 3 months. There are some solutions to decrease these time frames, but according to the laws, it’s a must.

There are several other countries where you can buy easily and affordable citizenships, mainly in Africa, however these are not official citizenship programs, so take care with fraudsters.

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